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Medical Practice Case Study Categories

The data ultimately speaks for itself so here at Claimocity we have a team that is dedicated to gathering and presenting the data in case studies, intake surveys, product comparisons, bench-marking, scientific analyses, measurements, time studies, A/R evaluations, and deep dives into impacts on productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Our goal comes down to constant improvement around three core key areas: revenue efficiency, time efficiency, and effective decision making. Everything we do from product development to data gathering is to give practices and providers more time, money, and relevant information.

Claimocity Medical Big Data Analytics Testimonials

“In 2017, we were generating 2.3 million in total revenue for our practice. By 2018, we were above 3 million and by 2019 we were a hair over 3.9 million. By the end of 2020 we are now projected to hit over 5 million.”

-Dr. K. Yuen, Internal Medicine, Practice Manager

“Within the first year we saw increases in every notable metric and by the end of the first twelve months, we were setting the best marks for our practice over the last ten years. Clean denials and missed or lost charges went down. Revenue per encounter, clean claims, and total revenue hit our highest benchmarks.”

-Dr. Steven Fritz, Senior Partner and Business Manager

Claimocity Medical Big Data Company Testimonials

“Our executive team approved participation in a voluntary two year time and revenue study in order to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative value compared to the numbers we were generating with the prior software in order to justify the switch. Within 24 months we had a 41.6% net revenue rate increase as well as an average of 38.8 hour savings per month per physician across our practice, which was a remarkable result.”

dr chacinF. Chacin M.D., Hospitalist Practice, Founder and CEO

Integrity Driven Results

Our medical billing case studies and internal evaluative tools are designed to eliminate bias because our internal resource allocations are dependent upon the results of these studies. We use physician performance evaluations and segmented revenue cycle benchmarks to determine the priority and allocation percentages of the budget as well as where to spend time, energy, and effort. Any bias skews the results and generates faulty allocations of internal resources, causing us to focus on the wrong areas, waste time and money, and poorly prioritize our plans of action.

We do everything we can to hinder the results of every study to ensure that they are not a result of aberrations, poor sample sizes, or for some reason not truly representative of the larger population. Any gray areas are attacked by opposition advocate groups within the organization whose purpose is to argue the contrary position, pick apart the science, find inaccuracies, and point out flaws in the logic.

We do all this because we have developed a product that can truly help Hospitalists save time and maximize revenue and our 99.6% customer retention rate is the most important indicator of our success thus far.

Claimocity Revenue Cycle Benchmarks Example

Revenue Study: Hospitalist Charge Capture Process

Core Question: Does accelerated charge capture save time and make doctors more money?

Summary of Findings: Switching to just the Claimocity accelerated charge capture, a native component of the full-service end-to-end mobile practice management and billing app, resulted in a 9% increase in time efficiency and 11% increase in revenue efficiency for an Internal Medicine hospitalist group in Florida. This equated to an extra half hour per day per provider and an extra 41K for the practice over 2 months.

Full Study

Published 4/14/2020

Impact Study: New Client A/R Audit and Revenue Changes

Core Question: Is there an initial dip in revenue when switching to Claimocity?

Summary of Findings: A common concern among new clients is what level of initial revenue dip to expect when switching from their current billing, A/R, and/or charge capture software to the all-in-one Claimocity solution. This study follows a single practitioner through the process and finds that instead of seeing a dip, the move from a stand alone legacy software to a full-service option generated a 28% increase in monthly revenue. As a powerful secondary benefit, this case study exposes that moving from a one dimensional billing system to an intelligent end-to-end process uncovers and triages any live claims stuck in bottlenecks within the former A/R process, converting them to additional total revenue. In this case study an extra 52k was uncovered and converted.

Full Study
Published 6/11/20

Impact Study: Transitioning from Paper Billing

Core Question: Is there an initial dip in productivity when switching from paper billing?

Summary of Findings: A common misconception about transitioning from a paper-billing system to the Claimocity full service software with mobile charge capture is an expected initial loss of productivity and time during the implementation and learning process. A pulmonology practice in California was expecting and preparing for between a quarter and a third loss of encounters to account for the transition but the actual end result was an increase in workflow productivity as measured by total number of encounters on a practice level. In spite of the change over, total encounters rose by 7% within the first 14 days and by 13% within the first 90 days. The time efficiency of the app and charge capture more than offset the learning curve, additional support needs, and transition issues.

Full Study
Published 2/8/20