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Hospitalist Charge Capture

Claimocity’s accelerated charge capture increased efficiency and revenue for a Florida hospitalist group, increasing both time and revenue in just over 2 months.

Key Topics:

Revenue efficiency

Accelerated Charge Capture

Aggregate data indicates varying timeframes for accelerated charge capture between initial and follow-up encounters, contrasting with advertised alternatives.


Time, Time efficiency

Analyzing Charge Capture Values

Standalone charge capture software saturates the market, offering specialized efficiency but lacking comprehensive revenue cycle intelligence, potentially leading to revenue loss and overlooked billing complexities.


Value, Revenue Efficiency

Code Assist

Code assist reduces coding time to 2-3 seconds per complex encounter, decreasing stress and improving efficiency while mitigating revenue losses and legal risks.


Time, Time Efficiency

ICD-10 Smart Directory

Gathering feedback from new clients on the effectiveness of utilizing an ICD-10 directory for streamlining the coding phase of billing.


Value, Time Efficiency

Impact of Revenue per Encounter on Total Revenue

Switching to Claimocity software significantly boosted total revenue by enhancing performance per encounter, even for practices already operating efficiently.


Revenue Efficiency

Increased Physician Happiness

Claimocity’s internal surveys indicate a significant boost of over 30% in physician happiness and work-life balance, prompting investigation into the deviation from the national average trends.


Physician job-satisfaction

Lost and Missing Claims

Integrating accelerated charge capture sparked revenue growth due to increased claims, while adopting Claimocity for revenue management resulted in a revenue boost attributed to streamlined claim processing.


Revenue Efficiency

New Client A/R Audit

Moving to Claimocity led to increased monthly revenue and efficient resolution of billing bottlenecks, resulting in additional total revenue without initial dips.



Paper Billing to Mobile Charge Capture

Implementing Claimocity’s software with mobile charge capture enhances workflow efficiency, demonstrated by notable increases in total encounters over a short period for various practices.



Reducing Administrative Billing Costs

This time study confirmed that Claimocity software significantly reduces administrative burdens in billing processes compared to the national average.



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