Claimocity Case Study

Paper Billing to Mobile Charge Capture

Implementing Claimocity's software with mobile charge capture enhances workflow efficiency, demonstrated by notable increases in total encounters over a short period for various practices.

Summary of Findings

A common misconception about transitioning from a paper-billing system to the Claimocity full service software with mobile charge capture is an expected initial loss of productivity and time during the implementation and learning process. A pulmonology practice in California was expecting and preparing for between a quarter and a third loss of encounters to account for the transition but the actual end result was an increase in workflow productivity as measured by total number of encounters on a practice level. In spite of the change over, total encounters rose by 7% within the first 14 days and by 13% within the first 90 days. The time efficiency of the app and charge capture more than offset the learning curve, additional support needs, and transition issues.

Participant Details

Specialty: Pulmonology Group

Practice Name: Withheld Pending Publication Approval

Practice Location: California

Practice Size: 10 Physicians and 6 Mid-Level Providers

Primary Case Study Category: Time Efficiency

Secondary Case Study Category: Specialty – Pulmonology

Study Summary

Measuring the level of workflow disruption and time cost of a 16 member Pulmonology Practice transitioning from a fully paper-based billing system and internal billing team to the Claimocity full-service end-to-end billing and mobile charge capture software solution.

Evaluative Situation

During the initial consideration, intake, and on-boarding process, a common concern among physicians and mid-levels was determining the amount of productivity disruption and time loss that would come with implementation of the new software solution, including breaking old habits, the learning curve of the new system, and an anticipated steady stream of support issues.


The staff expected to lose between a quarter and a third of productivity during the transition period and was prepared to cut encounters accordingly in order to provide the necessary time for problem solving, adjusting, and acclimating to the new system.


We needed to measure the workflow efficiency before and after the transition in order to determine any level of change and thereby make any reasonable conclusions about the impact. To do this, we decided that the simplest and most effective solution was to evaluate by the number of encounters per day on a practice level.


  • Instead of dropping off as expected, workflow efficiency increased in the short term (first 14 days) and first 90 days.
  • The additional time freed up was able to be converted into a 7% increase in total encounters per week for the practice by the end of month 1.
  • This percentage rose to 13% by the end of the first 90 days.

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