Claimocity Case Study

Accelerated Charge Capture

Aggregate data indicates varying timeframes for accelerated charge capture between initial and follow-up encounters, contrasting with advertised alternatives.

Summary of Findings

Though the aggregate data oversimplifies the time stamps of the accelerated charge capture feature to an average of 9 seconds per encounter, there is an important distinction between initial and follow up encounters. The results show that charge capture on initial encounters averages 15 seconds while that of follow up encounters averages less than 2 seconds. Meanwhile, stand alone charge capture alternatives advertise charge capture times as low as 2-7 seconds but a breakdown analysis shows that as a group they average 32 seconds per initial encounter and 18 seconds for follow up encounters, significantly higher than stated. In fact, the 2-7 second average was only applicable in 12% of encounters, with the other 88% requiring a much heftier time commitment than expected.

Participant Details

Specialty: Aggregated data across specialties

Practice Size: Practices ranging from solo provider to 50+ primary and mid-level practitioners

Primary Case Study Category: Time Efficiency

Secondary Case Study Category: Accelerated Charge Capture

Study Summary

This case study breaks down the Claimocity accelerated mobile charge capture from the oversimplified aggregated average of 9 seconds of billing per patient per day to the billing time differences between initial visits and follow up encounters. These numbers are then compared to the aggregated/averaged data from mobile charge capture competitors claiming to average between 2-7 seconds per encounter, which were tested and broken into the same division of initial vs follow up visits.

Evaluative Situation

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about how much time mobile or electronic charge capture can save physicians, opening up time for more encounters or higher quality of care in theory. But are these aggregated numbers accurate, and since all encounters are not created equal or occur in equal proportions, what are more accurate representations of the data to enable a greater understanding of the realities of usage and more effective decision making between products.


  • The Claimocity accelerated mobile charge capture averages 15 seconds per capture on initial encounters and less than 2 seconds per charge on follow up encounters.
  • Competitor products advertising charge capture numbers between 2-7 seconds actually averaged 32 seconds on initial encounters and 18 seconds on follow up encounters.
  • Competitor products aggregated data showed that they achieved the advertised marks in only 12% of encounters, with the other 88% requiring significantly higher time commitments.

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