Claimocity Charge Capture

Our integrated software and services platform addresses all the backend functions your practice needs though capturing patient encounters to getting paid.

The Industry-Leading Application

Effortlessly managing patient encounters and ensuring seamless payment processing.

User Friendly

Automated Patient List Seeding
Never Miss a Visit

Quicker to Bill

Configurable to
Any Workflow

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One Platform


Our Smart Census is your intelligent organization tool for all your rounding workflows. This personalized hub features a user-friendly interface, integrated data flows, new admission tracking, patient updates, incomplete encounters, missed visit alerts, visit cloning, coding support, billing and more.

Smart census

  • Automated, daily seeding of new & follow-up patients
  • Bill patients directly from the census
  • One-click SALT (same as last time) Billing
  • Billing code predictions

Simplifying the Provider Experience

Revenue-Centered Tools

Encounter Workbench

Easily review your daily work queue and to-do lists.

Missed Visit Reconciliation

Our platform proactivity reconciles patient visits versus billing to ensure you capture every billable encounter.

Fully Integrated Billing Support

Approved encounters go directly to the billing team queue, allowing providers to communicate with them through in-app messaging.

Practice IQ Activity Dashboard

Access real-time data on charges, revenue, compensation, and KPIs to track your practice’s success.

Practice Workflow Possibilities

Claimocity is fully configurable to accommodate your practice’s unique workflows from managing provider teams to overseeing clinical compliance initiatives.


  • Census data seeding (when available)
  • HL7 ADT and ORU feeds accepted
  • Patient demographics
  • Facility clinicals
  • Access all data to code and bill

No Integration?
No Problem!

Generate a new patient profile in seconds with
only a name and date of birth, or by capturing a
photo of the facesheet with your smartphone.