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Smart Hub for PM & Billing Functions

  • A focal point for workflow productivity tools in the mobile app
  • Patient, facility, and inpatient scheduling in a fast focused format
  • Built in easy-swipe mobile charge capture coding and billing
  • Quick access to real-time Practice IQ financials and reporting
  • Advanced individual claim tracker data from the point of care
  • Quick-toggle automated coding assistance on complex encounters
Claimocity Mobile Capture Smart Census

Medical Scheduling and Billing Software

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Workflow Solutions

The smart census is the centralization of our workflow and productivity solutions for providers on the go, enabling quick access to everything from billing to patient and facility management to real-time reporting and financials at a glance.


Rather than trying to fit clinicians who work on the go into standard medical office PM software… Claimocity designed mobile software with inpatient scheduling and PM functionality designed for real-world daily needs and tasks.

UX-User Approved

Traditional PM, billing, and medical appointment scheduling software is typically clunky and unappealing. Claimocity streamlines high-value functions with intuitive, user-tested, and user-friendly designs to enhance daily efficiency and appeal.

Smart Software for Doctors on the Go

Our time studies and efficiency models for the smart hospital census are already industry best and through the roof, but we never rest in our efforts to continue to improve upon our successes with even better feature arrays and efficiency-enhancing elements.

Do Less - Earn More
Better results without sacrificing quality. More possible encounters per day at the highest level of medicine by streamlining time costs. Our smart census helps drive optimal results at every patient volume by maximizing claim capture, revenue generation, & time management.
Efficiency & Functionality
Move through the day with billing speed and management efficiency. Handle patients and facilities with user-friendly taps and swipes in seconds. Reduce what used to take hours to a mere handful of seconds and keep moving quickly and efficiently through your day.
Higher Quality of Care
A doctor’s time is incredibly valuable and always in short demand. When time constraints impact daily medicine, the quality of the patient care often suffers. Claimocity eliminates unnecessary admin burdens that take time away from the patient and the medicine.
Other PM Features, Functions, and Smart Tools

Code Assist

A premium coding service that allows a physician to outsource complex coding encounters directly to our expert team.
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Concierge Support

Our technology drives efficiency but it is our award-winning team that provides the hands on around the clock support.
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Award-winning expert services to handle a practice’s contracting and credentialing needs on a per request basis.
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AI Enhancements

The team, tools, and technology for providers and practices to thrive with AI-enhanced productivity enhancements.
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