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Mobile PM software, charge capture, advanced reporting, and revenue cycle solutions designed exclusively for physicians who work exclusively in hospitals, LTACs, IRFs, SNFs, and other acute care or step down facilities.

Mobile + Office

Hybrid practice management and billing solutions blending mobile and office software for modern medical practices with physicians who transition between seeing patients in office and hospital or facility environments.

Facility PM + RCM

Specialized facility-based end-to-end PM software and revenue cycle management solutions specifically designed for urgent cares, emergency departments, surgery centers, and senior living facilities.

Custom Practice Performance Solutions

Seeing is Believing. Craft the Perfect Platform for Your Specific Needs.

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What is Practice IQ?


Data efficiency is one of the highest value resources both a practice and provider can have.

Practice IQ is a proprietary system of real-time smart reporting features, KPI tracking, financial bench-marking, revenue efficiency, and data analysis tools.

According to a survey of over 100 of the top healthcare organizations in America, 84% identified better access to physician analytics as a top priority yet less than 13% of practices have any active measures to gather or improve provider analytics.

Furthermore, a recent case study identified overwhelming information and analytics failures in 98% of the active practice management software options on the market.

One of the highest value resources a practice has for financial growth and improvement is the access to provider level analytics and actionable intelligence.

Practice IQ offers real-time info on both the provider and practice level that enable a higher level of effective decision-making by providers, practice managers, and owners.

What Differentiates Claimocity Mobile Charge Capture?

blankFaster charge capture with fewer missing claims, quicker results, and higher benchmarks and financial metrics.

Claimocity offers a next gen mobile charge capture solution that uses AI-enhanced acceleration and a hyper-productive user friendly design to speed up the billing workflow process and capture claims with higher accuracy in a faction of the time.

Our pattern analysis software improves the accuracy and efficiency of the quick access selections over time, steadily and systematically aligning and improving the process according to your needs, specialty, historical data, and encounters.

On the provider side, the ease of capture reduces initial encounters to 15 seconds of total billing and follow up charges to under one sec per patient on average while generating the highest level of benchmarking and metrics in the industry.

What Makes Our Claim Tracker Different?


Lifting the veil between the medical practice and the insurance process with an unprecedented level of transparency into the billing process.

Claimocity revolutionary claim tracker provides real-time updates on what every claim is worth and when it will be paid from the point of care to the final approval.

Track initial claim estimates based on coding, then updates as insurance and billing demographics become available, factoring in patient responsibilities, and finally providing final settled amounts.

Comparing final results against contracted rates and maximum possible compensation amounts enables an unprecedented level of rating on insurance carriers.

One of the highest value resources a practice has for financial growth and improvement is the access to provider level analytics and actionable intelligence.

Practice IQ offers real-time info on both the provider and practice level that enable a higher level of effective decision-making by providers, practice managers, and owners.

What is Code Assist Automation?

blank Code assist is a premium coding feature designed to save time and increase coding efficiency levels by enabling doctors to automate the coding process:

  • For complex encounters
  • When running behind on busy days
  • Or simply as an available convenience

Just toggle the code assist on any given visit and snap a quick picture of whatever paperwork or data is available… then move on to the next encounter.

This allows doctors to save time, streamline the coding process, reduce under coding (and the associated revenue loss), reduce over coding (and the associated legal and financial audit risks), and focus on the quality of care instead of the administrative billing process.

Fast Efficient Contracting & Credentialing

blankNot only in-house, but we provide the highest levels of these services as a courtesy to our clients and only charge the lowest break-even costs.

We are able to do this as a premium additional service because we believe that streamlining your practice performance means more than software but hands-on concierge-level support, and this includes full-service comprehensive contracting and credentialing.

Credentialing, or primary source verification, is an intensive process that requires an intense allocation of time and resources.

Once an applicant successfully moves through the credentialing process, a provider is moved into the contracting phase of qualifying for receiving insurance reimbursements for payer-based services that fall under the in-network provider status of medical care.

Just let our team know what you need and the administrative busy work will be handled for you so your team can focus on managing the practice, providing the highest quality of care, and evaluating the actionable data for opportunities to increase efficiency and drive financial growth.

In-App Compensation Management

blankYes. It is a game changer and doctors and managers alike love accessing this feature directly from the app.

Take the hassle out of the monthly payment process for both providers and practice managers/owners.

Set, manage, and pay providers based on RVUs and rules engine structures (simple or complex) based on individual contracts.

On a provider-level, physicians can follow their monthly earnings on a daily basis and at the end of the pay period they can review and approve the payment details based on the rules of their compensation package.

Managers and/or practice owners have access to the complete finances and approve the issuance of the payment amounts that automatically generate based on the contracted compensation rules.

Additionally, the practice can also pay Claimocity for PM and RCM services in the app and track financial records and invoice history with quick access features.

Concierge-Level Support

blankSimply put, we do everything in our ability to make your clinical, operational, and financial workflows run as smoothly as possible. We are accessible, hands-on, and provide the kind of support that makes a significant difference in your experience.

We are able to provide this level of support because we have the tools, technology, and a massive team of highly trained specialists and experts to take your practice to the next level with top tier time, revenue, and data efficiency enhancements.

You won’t get any poor grade support staff members who don’t know the answers, can’t make the fixes, and just eat up time and energy while leaving you more frustrated than before.

The Claimocity software and RCM services are backed by the most robust billing and software support team in the industry with around the clock concierge-level support.

You talk directly to managers, billers, software engineers, and coding experts.

Simply put, our team is the best in the business.

With decades of specialist experience and access to the largest accumulation of medical big data processing, the Claimocity billing, coding, and software teams provide hands-on timely support as if a digital billing scribe and medical assistant following the providers through their day.

The team is able to generate the highest bench-marking metrics by running constant QA/QC measures, proactively identifying and troubleshooting coding or billing errors, providing timely notifications to the providers of missing information or issues, catching missed or lost claims, fixing A/R stuck points, streamlining the clean claim percentages, driving the highest levels of bottom line revenue, and providing 24/7 hands-on assistance for providers and practice managers.

Secure HIPAA Compliant Communications

blankThe value of compliant communications cannot be under stated when it comes to streamlining the clinician coverage and workflow process and drive the highest levels of information efficiency.

Claimocity uses the highest levels of secure encryption to enable provider to provider and practice-level communications that not only meet but exceed HIPAA compliance standards for digital medical information sharing.

In addition to in-app notifications and high-level messaging functionality, the software provides a visually pleasing and user-friendly communication portal that enables physicians to assist each other with coverage, inquire about encounters, provide insights, reply to management requests, share confidential medical information, and discuss patient details as needed to improve the quality of care and streamline the patient coverage process.

In-App Patient QR Code Scanning

blankInputting or updating patient demographics, billing information, and medical data has never been easier with the Claimocity app, which enables a provider to quickly and easily scan the patient wristband barcode or the barcode on the patient file.

Just open the app and scan the barcode. It takes maybe a second and can save valuable minutes of pain-point data entry and patient inputting.

If the patient has already been discharged, accessing the patient file can provide access to critical data for claims processing and troubleshooting errors, mistakes, and any issues or discrepancies with patient billing demographics that need to be resolved.

Save Time & Boost the Bottom Line

► Streamline day to day operations and reduce provider workloads.

► Track and maximize management KPIs to operate at peak levels.

► Industry-leading benchmarks in time, information, and revenue efficiency.

► Smart automation means more work done for you – not by you.

► Custom solutions for office-based and hospital-based practices.

Top Rated Medical Practice Software

Smart Census

Exclusive to the mobile PM app designed to streamline the daily workload for hospitalists and clinicians on the go.
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Charge Capture

Our accelerated mobile charge capture drives the highest RCM benchmarks in the industry while saving high value daily time.
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Claim Tracker

Our claim tracker is a revolutionary look behind the curtain, showing what each claim is worth and when it will be paid.
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Code Assist

A premium coding service that allows a physician to outsource complex coding encounters directly to our expert team.
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Technology Partners

Our platform integrates seamlessly with an array of wonderful technology partners including Point Click Care and PracticeSuite.
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Practice IQ Reporting

Custom reporting functions with real-time actionable info for data-driven provider and practice level decision-making.
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HIPAA Messaging

Secure provider to provider HIPAA compliant communications, messaging, and text messaging through the software.
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Concierge Support

Our technology drives the efficiency but it is our award-winning team that provides the hands on around the clock support.
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End-to-End Billing

Claimocity practice management software (both mobile and web portal) incorporates full service revenue cycle management.
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Practice Compensation

Allows owners/managers to track practice financials, generate and approve provider invoices, and pay physicians.
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Let our award-winning team handle all of the practice’s contracting and credentialing needs on a per request basis.
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Barcode Scanner

Save time inputting or updating patient demographics, billing, and other info by simply scanning the wristband or chart.
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Case Studies

Read through a selection of time-based efficiency, revenue-based efficiency, and data-based efficiency case studies.
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Advanced Rules Engine

Set patient-level and facility-level custom rules and processing filters to align the software to your particular practice.
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Medical Specialties

Specific software solutions for specific medical specialties, driven by years of experience with customers.
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AI Enhancements

The team, tools, and technology for providers and practices to thrive with AI-enhanced productivity enhancements.
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What Features Should Be Included in Medical Practice Management Software?

Comprehensive medical practice management software is designed to handle all the administrative functions of a physician practice, and Claimocity integrates all of this into an easy to use mobile application that you can effectively manage from your mobile phone. But while mobile smart technology is an effective tool for doctors on the go, we built our hospitalist practice management software to easily transition across platforms and devices.

This means you can move from your smartphone to tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with an effortless flow and no loss of data, allowing you to work from any device and smoothly move to any other device using our cohesive online portal that keeps all of your information safe and secure while enabling a level of portability and flexibility you simply will not find anywhere else. Read More...