Smart Mobile Charge Capture App

Handle billing, coding, charting, credentialing, and integrated SOAP notes in a fraction of the time, while boosting collections by 13-16% directly from the Claimocity app.

A Comprehensive End-to-End Platform

  • Real-Time Integrated Census 
  • Streamlined Workflows 
  • Unified Billing and Clinical Notes 
  • Custom Care Team Coordination 
  • Practice IQ Reporting & Analytics 


Rated 4.87 out of 5 by Hospital & Facility-Based MDs 

Rapidly Round, Bill, Code, & Chart

Software Platform

An intelligent mobile app and cloud-based web portal software platform crafted specifically for on-the-go inpatient doctors and hospitalists. Tailored to meet your provider needs, it offers essential features in a data-driven platform designed for integration into your inpatient practice.


  • Charge Capture Platform
  • Smart Central Census
  • Hospital/Facility
  • Integrations
  • Clinical Note Integration
  • Concierge Level Support
  • Practice IQ Analytics
  • Voice to Text Workflows
  • ICD-10 Smart Search
  • Custom Rules Engine
  • Telehealth Billing
  • HIPAA Provider Messaging 

Software + RCM Services

The first and only intelligent all-in-one RCM services and end-to-end software platform solution exclusively for inpatient providers and practices customized to your clinical, operational, and financial practice management and rounding needs. 


  • Billing and Coding Services 
  • Credentialing Services 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Inpatient Practice Management 
  • PM Billing Software 
  • Claim Submission & Tracking 
  • Compensation Management 
  • Custom Care Coordination 

Support Teams

For healthcare providers who prioritize their time above all else, we present a fully automated software and billing solution. This allows doctors to concentrate on patient care while billing, coding, and revenue maximization are managed for you behind the scenes. 


  • Enhanced Revenue 
  • More Time Efficiency 
  • Reduced Audit Risks 
  • Increased Flexibility 
  • Decreased Weekly Burnout 

#1 Mobile Charge Capture Solution for MDs in Acute & Sub-Acute Settings

Switched to Claimocity to transition from paper billing in batches. Paid off right away. Not having to switch between multiple systems is such a relief. All the credit goes to our business manager Laura for doing the research and pulling the trigger. Great pick.

Eliminate Missing, Erroneous,
Lost Charges from the Process

We excel at saving physicians time and ensuring they collect all owed revenues. Our inpatient platform streamlines workflows, reducing burdens, and enabling doctors to focus on patient care. Specifically designed for inpatient physicians in hospital and facility-based practices, our charge capture solution is optimized for on-the-go efficiency.

Explore More with the Buyers Guide:
What is Charge Capture?

What is Charge Capture?

Charge capture is the structured process medical providers use to record services during patient visits for billing and revenue collection. Traditionally paper-based and inefficient, modern charge capture, facilitated by smart mobile devices, enables rapid electronic capture at the point of care, enhancing both speed and accuracy.

What sets Claimocity apart? Technology-Enhanced QA/QC:

AI and Machine Learning provide superior quality control when combined with meticulous manual oversight, resulting in accuracy and processing speed beyond the capabilities of other systems. Moreover, it continually enhances efficiency over time through pattern analysis fueled by accumulated data.

Integration with a Smart Census:

The central census serves as an intelligent organization tool for patient and facility rounding workflows, customized to your practice and provider needs. It features a user-friendly interface and a custom rules engine that coordinates coverage, integrates with hospital and facility data streams, sends notifications and patient lists, tracks admissions and room updates, alerts about incomplete or flagged charges and missed visits, generates or duplicates progress notes, and identifies potential coding issues, among other functions.

Cloud-Based Hospitalist Charge Capture App

Included in our all-in-one solution, comprising practice management and full-service billing, or available as a standalone charge capture app seamlessly integrating into your existing PM and/or EHR software and billing system to optimize your revenue workflow.  

Maximize efficiency with our unified solution, eliminating gaps and information loss points. We highly recommend pairing our physician charge capture with our PM and RCM packages for comprehensive revenue cycle optimization.

Round with
Efficiency & Ease