Improving Efficiency at Every Stage

A Simple Barcode Patient Identification System for Busy Physicians

►Stop wasting time using inefficient methods of inputting or updating patient demographics, records, and billing info.

►Billing software systems that claim to sync with hospitals are riddled with system errors that they try to keep hidden.

►Just open the app, scan the barcode on the chart or wrist, and the data will populate so that you can focus on the medicine.


At every stage we make the billing and admin work as quick and painless as possible…

So you can concentrate on the patient and the quality of the care.

Just press hold the plus button on the home page to add a visit, send documents to the billers, or scan a QR code.

Or click the barcode scan button from either the add a patient visit screen or using the shortcut at the bottom left to import a patient’s name, DOB, gender, hospital record number, and more.

Input New Patient Billing

In Seconds

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Update Existing Patients

In seconds

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Swipe. Click. Scan. Done.

In seconds

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Our Patient Barcode System Saves You Time, Energy, and Effort

Our time studies and efficiency models for the smart census are already industry best and through the roof, but we never rest in our efforts to continue to improve upon our successes with even better feature arrays and efficiency enhancing elements.

Better Medical Care
Instead of ensuring that you have all their paperwork, billing info, background demographics, necessary administrative elements in order to submit a claim, patient history, and all of the bureaucratic business assets necessary for patient management and reimbursement, we free you up with a simple interaction to focus more on the person in front of you rather than the person on paper.
More Efficient Daily Flow
There are far more important things to do than spend extra time manually inputting patient demographics. A quick scan from the app and not only is a new patient inputted into your smart census for management with insurance and billing info, key demographics, and vital fields automatically added into our software, but any updates or changes to existing patients can be handled in seconds.
Better Time Management
Your time is incredibly valuable and there is only so much of it in a given day. The opportunity cost of extra minutes if not hours is huge. Rather than you spending time inputting new patient info, updating existing patient info, adding demographics, scanning, faxing, filling out forms, making sure no mistakes were made so claims don’t get denied, we handle it for you with a quick easy scan.

Software that Makes a Measurable Difference

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Advanced Rules Engine

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AI Enhancements

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Patient Barcode Scanning

Claimocity is constantly working to improve the daily workflow efficiency for doctors. We systematically evaluated every feature a hospitalist could use to

Should I Scan the Patient Wristband Barcode or the Barcode on the Chart?

Whichever is easier. Both will populate the same level of data including all the relevant insurance information, billing demographics, identity verification, and other high-value inputs. The reason you can use either is that at the point of care it is extremely simple and efficient to just scan the wristband if the chart is not present. But if you need to input or update a patient’s info after the visit or after discharge then it is much easier to use the app to scan the chart code.

Does the Patient Barcode System Provide Everything Needed?

The hospital patient ID wristband barcode provides everything needed in order to verify patient identification, input demographics, create a billing persona, and reference relevant medical records available in the hospital system.

Not only are they ideal for hospitals because they help eliminate the possibility of mistaken identity, medical errors, and switched charts that are more common as patients switch rooms or shift within the hospital facilities, but they are perfect for the modern world where data transfers are much easier electronically than on paper.

While hospital staff use a specific barcode scanner for their facility purposes, Claimocity has integrated a smart function into our software that acts as a medical barcode scanner app to instantly transfer all the relevant data to the billing department where it is vetted and populated into the PM software for use in scheduling, billing, reporting, and claim capture.