Medical Barcode Scanning App

Effortlessly Update Patient Records with Ease

Enhancing Workflows in Every Setting

Patient Barcode Scanning for Inpatient Healthcare Providers

  • Eliminate time wasted on inefficient methods for inputting or updating patient demographics, records, and billing information. 
  • Avoid the frustrations of billing software systems claiming hospital sync, often plagued by concealed system errors. 
  • Simply open the app, scan the barcode on the chart or wristband, and let the data populate effortlessly, allowing you to concentrate on patient care.

Medical Barcode Scanner

At every stage, we prioritize making billing and administrative tasks swift and seamless, freeing you to focus entirely on patient care and quality. With just a tap or a scan, streamline your workflow: press and hold the plus button on the home page to add a visit, transmit documents to the billers, or scan a QR code. Alternatively, click the barcode scan button from the ‘add a patient visit’ screen or use the convenient shortcut at the bottom left to instantly import essential patient details such as name, date of birth, gender, hospital record number, and more.

Barcode Patient Identification System

Our smart census system boasts industry-leading time studies and efficiency models, setting new standards for speed and effectiveness. However, we’re constantly striving for improvement, continuously enhancing our feature arrays and efficiency-boosting elements.

  • Instantly input new patient billing details in seconds. 
  • Update patient demographics with ease. 
  • Effortlessly complete tasks with simple swipes, clicks, and scans.

Efficient Patient Encounters

Instead of managing paperwork, billing details, and administrative tasks during patient encounters, our system simplifies the process, enabling you to focus more on the individual.

Improved Rounding Flow

Manual input of patient demographics can be time-consuming. With our app, a quick scan adds new patients to your smart census, automatically updating essential information in seconds.

Simple Data Flow Method

Sync with our app to eliminate the hassle of tracking patient paperwork. Patient history and vital QR code assets are seamlessly integrated, allowing you to concentrate on providing quality care.

Patient Barcode Scanning

Claimocity continually enhances doctors’ daily workflow efficiency. We meticulously assessed every feature essential for hospitalists.

Patient Wristband Barcode or the Barcode on the Chart?

Use whichever is more convenient. Both provide identical data, including insurance details, billing demographics, identity verification, and other critical inputs. Scanning the wristband at point of care is efficient; for post-visit or discharge data input or updates, scanning the chart code via the app is simpler.

Does the Patient Barcode System Provide Everything Needed?

The hospital patient ID wristband barcode streamlines patient identification, demographic input, billing, and medical record referencing. It reduces errors and aligns with modern electronic data transfer. Claimocity’s integrated solution serves as a medical barcode scanner app, swiftly transferring data to the billing department for use in scheduling, billing, reporting, and claim capture.

Medical Barcode Scanning for Efficient Billing & Enhanced Patient Focus