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Improving the Charge Capture Process

In a third party independent survey of Hospitalist groups polled:

  • 61% of physicians ranked missing charges are one of the top three most important current issues in their practice.
  • 71% stated that improving the charge capture process needed to be a higher priority.
  • 43% listed charge lag, capture delays, and charge capture burdens as their organizations most important issue.

How do you improve the charge capture process?

The first and simplest answer is switching from paper charge capture to mobile charge capture. The data is clear, mobile charge capture is 4% more effective at reducing the lost or missing charge rate on average to be specific.

Beyond this primary value, there is the ease of use that mobile charge capture brings, the elimination of the the physical paperwork, the constant problem of lost or misplaced paperwork, the necessity of middlemen billing staff, the delays, the batching, and the timely filing limits that are much more easily achieved by mobile charge capture.

How do you improve upon the process if you are already using mobile charge capture?

This is the question you need to be considering and the answer requires the understanding that not all mobile charge capture processes are equal. The 4% improvement is a statistical average across the industry.

The missing info here is that as with any average, some charge captures are performing well above that 4% while most are actually performing below the benchmark, meaning that you often aren’t getting as much of an improvement as you would like.

The first way to improve upon mobile charge capture is to figure out your current software efficiency level.
Are you getting below average, average, or above average results?

"We thought going paperless with our charge capture would make a huge difference, so it was a bit disheartening to barely see any improvements to our bottom line net revenue after all the hassle of switching systems and teaching all the physicians to use the new mobile software instead of batching. We hired a consultant to review the numbers which was eye opening and then used the findings in his report to get out of our contract. The difference between that tool and the one we are using now is night and day."


Here at Claimocity, we know that Hospitalists depend on the efficiency and accuracy of mobile charge capture not only for financial viability but from a practical standpoint of workflow optimization and census management. Billing is a necessary time suck, but the faster and more efficient the process can be, the better.

That’s why, several years before the study was commissioned, our software engineers and billing experts were already hard at work on not just a mobile capture tool but an accelerated mobile charge capture that would set the bar for comparative results while ALSO saving you high value time in the process. We turned the billing portion of mobile charge capture to a simple user-friendly highly-intuitive click, swipe, select, done process.

Claimocity doesn’t just surpass the industry benchmark of a 4% improvement from paper to mobile charge capture;
we consistently achieve an exceptional 6-8% enhancement, placing us in the top percentile of performance.
Mobile Charge Capture Case Study

We’ve significantly alleviated the administrative burden of billing with our mobile charge capture, which has ultimately decreased the average time per patient to just 9 seconds for inpatient healthcare providers.
Administrative Billing Process Time Study


The average industry time is 1.89 minutes so that’s over 92% less time you have to spend on billing admin while reaping the rewards of one of the top efficiency and accuracy percentages in the industry. No other mobile charge capture even comes close.

Ahead of the curve in so many ways, our accelerated mobile charge capture tool sets the industry best standard for what is possible and addresses the concerns missed charges, charge errors, point of care mistakes, and reduced charge lag times to ensure that your charges are submitted and processed properly with the highest levels of accuracy and confidence. Our TPVI index, which measures satisfaction levels and is often used to compare how physicians value software features, has found that users report a combined average increase of 89% in confidence, comfort level, and ease of use.

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency and accuracy with our mobile charge capture tool. Don’t settle for anything less than the industry’s best standard.

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