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Hospitalist Practice Management


Fully integrated smart census, note generator, mobile charge capture, hospitalist practice management software platform, and RCM billing services for hospital and facility-based physicians. 

#1 Rated Hospitalist Billing Software

Best in class at getting doctors the most money per visit with the least amount of time and effort.

Intelligent Inpatient Scheduling & Hospitalist Billing Software

  • A central smart hub for rounding and billing functions
  • Census management, scheduling, and care coordination
  • Easy-swipe mobile charge capture coding and billing
  • Quick access to real-time Practice IQ analytics
  • Advanced claim tracker from the point of submission

Hospital-Based Medical Billing and Scheduling Software

Claimocity offers specialized hospital-based mobile PM and charge capture software, featuring intelligent inpatient scheduling and AI-driven physician tools. Designed to meet clinicians’ real-world needs, it streamlines high-value functions with intuitive, user-friendly designs, maximizing efficiency with minimal effort. 

More than 50% less than they currently spend. 

Hospitalists should aim to spend significantly less time on paperwork and administrative tasks, ideally reducing current levels by over 50%. According to Medscape, hospitalist medical specialties currently spend between 17-20 hours per week on administrative tasks. Our studies among Claimocity users show hospitalists spend under nine hours per week on paperwork, with averages ranging between 7.1 and 8.3 hours. 

In an ideal scenario, all claims should be paid, but hospitalists face challenges in the revenue cycle. On average, they experience a loss of 15-18% of claims due to initial denials, with only 63% of denied claims recoverable, incurring an average appeal cost of $32-$118 per claim. 

Claimocity ensures maximum reimbursement with industry-leading clean claim rates and true reimbursement rates. Our software integrates denial and appeals processes into the original costs, eliminating additional expenses for doctors. Leveraging AI technology and a dedicated business intelligence team, we optimize reimbursement for our customers. 


Hospitalist App

The Claimocity smart app for hospitalists integrates scheduling, billing, reporting, and productivity tools into one accessible platform. Designed for clinicians in acute care or transitioning between office and hospital settings, it streamlines operations for enhanced efficiency. 

Hospitalist Billing Software

Claimocity’s hospitalist app features smart billing software with accelerated charge capture and revenue efficiency functions. It optimizes time management, drives revenue growth, and provides actionable business intelligence for informed decision-making at both the provider and practice levels. 

Hospitalist Census

Claimocity’s hospitalist software streamlines practice performance and inpatient encounter management with its smart census feature. It integrates core functions while maximizing financial efficiency for hospital-based physicians.

Optimizing Your Hospitalist Billing Software

Hospitalists typically manage 15-20 patient visits per shift, making efficient organization critical for time and revenue. Claimocity revolutionizes scheduling with features like instant patient data import, easy charge capture, and smart filters for rounds organization, allowing focus on patient care. 

Traditional software falls short and is often expensive and incompatible. Claimocity offers a tailored solution exclusively for hospitalists, integrating PM tools, AI enhancements, and personalized rules for streamlined scheduling, coding, and revenue generation. 

Evaluating Inpatient Hospitalist Scheduling Software

Is your hospitalist scheduling software falling short? Claimocity challenges users to experience its AI-driven smart census through a brief demo, eliminating weeks of inefficiency. 

What are the best software tools for hospitalists?

After extensive R&D, Claimocity stands unrivaled, offering cutting-edge technology, robust billing and coding expertise, and unparalleled support. Our smart census sets the standard for medical appointment scheduling software, making Claimocity the top choice for hospitalists.

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