Hospitalist Rounding​

The most modern and customizable rounding software
for hospital and facility-based healthcare providers.

Hospitalist Practice Management Platform

  • A truly comprehensive hospitalist PM solution 
  • Tailored for busy, on-the-go inpatient healthcare providers 
  • Increase revenue in minimal time 
  • Gain crucial financial and operational insights 
  • Optimize workflows for time-saving efficiency 
  • Increase productivity with simplified billing & charting

Empowering Hospitalists

Claimocity provides a complete mobile solution for hospitalists and facility-based providers. As pioneers in charge capture, we offer tailored business intelligence tools for healthcare providers in these settings. With RCM billing services and efficient rounding software, we equip hospital and facility doctors for success. 

Optimize Workflows

Our PM software focuses on streamlining billing and practice management functions to optimize your workflow. By putting what you need at your fingertips, we increase efficiency at every turn, giving you more time in the day.

Maximize Revenue

While the RCM functionality is handling the billing side of the practice to ensure you are getting paid what you have earned, the PM side understands the opportunity cost of lost time, effort, and energy, which we translate into financial opportunities. 

Grow Your Practice

Our platform simplifies managing your practice, offering Practice IQ reporting, goal setting options, smart filters, interconnected scheduling, facility management, and custom managed payment scales. Handling the full breadth of your group is as easy as managing your daily workflow.

Hospitalist Practice
Management Solutions

Until now, hospital and facility-based physician practices had to rely on practice management systems meant for office-based doctors. Many hospitalists are unaware of dedicated PM platforms designed for their needs, often paying for unnecessary functions. 

Worse still, they’re forced to use systems ill-suited for modern rounding requirements, resulting in inefficiencies. Our platform eliminates unnecessary elements, focusing solely on hospitalist needs. 

  1. Seamless device switching 
  2. Hospitalist-specific billing, coding & credentialing 
  3. Integrated clinical note generation 
  4. Key operational and financial KPIs 
  5. Cloud-based software & services 
  6. Enhanced financial transparency 

Mastering Hospitalist Software

Streamlined workflow is crucial for revenue growth. Medical practice management software plays a vital role in boosting efficiency and revenue. For private practice hospitalists, a mobile PM software solution is indispensable, enabling seamless task management from anywhere. Claimocity serves as the central command station, offering comprehensive features accessible from smartphones, facilitating financial management, scheduling adjustments, charge capture, and secure communication within seconds. 

Enhancing Hospital Rounding

Efficiency, accuracy, and productivity are essential for effective practice management. Claimocity provides comprehensive solutions across all essential fields crucial for hospitalists, from billing to secure communication. With unrivaled features like billing metrics and insightful reporting, Claimocity drives exponential growth, empowering hospitalists to thrive in every aspect of practice management. 

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Software & Billing solutions made for busy doctors on the go. One complete solution to transform your practice experience.

Software & billing solutions made for busy doctors on the go. One complete solutions made to transform your practice experience.

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