Inpatient Scheduling with a Smart Hospitalist Census

►The Claimocity smart inpatient scheduling tool maximizes daily efficiency through a blend of organizational tools, critical information accessibility, and simple quick swipe layouts.

►The hospitalist census uses a quick-swipe intuitive design that facilitates organized patient management and smart software medical appointment scheduling operations.

►Optimized to provide high-value organization, eliminate inefficiencies, and drive real-world practical improvements, the smart census is designed exclusively for Hospitalists.

Claimocity Mobile Capture Smart Census

Time Management

The Claimocity medical appointment scheduling software uses AI-driven enhancements to reduce the time cost of administrative billing down to three minutes per 20 patients… which is nine seconds of daily billing per patient.


Rather than trying to fit hospitalists into medical software built for non-hospitalist physicians… Claimocity is the first and only software with inpatient scheduling software designed for Hospitalists real-world daily needs and tasks.

UX User Approved

Medical appointment scheduling software that is overly complex or difficult to use is relatively pointless. Claimocity offers smart tools and high-value functions in intuitive, user-tested, user-friendly designs to enhance daily efficiency.

The Best Medical Scheduling Software for Hospitalists

Our time studies and efficiency models for the smart hospital census are already industry best and through the roof, but we never rest in our efforts to continue to improve upon our successes with even better feature arrays and efficiency-enhancing elements.

Do Less - Earn More
Better results without adding visits. Many doctors add visits to make up for lost and denied claims… which half works at the expense of time. Our smart census helps drive optimal results at every patient volume by maximizing claim capture, revenue generation, & time management.
Point of Care Functionality
Handle each patient with a quick tap or swipe, add level coding in seconds, write notes, input demographics with a barcode scan, send a message to group, and so more. Reduce what used to take hours to a mere handful of seconds and keep moving quickly and efficiently through your day.
Focus on the Medicine
One of the primary reasons we developed our smart functions, tools, and time-saving elements for our software is we believe that a Doctor’s time is valuable and they don’t need all the unnecessary admin burdens that take time away from what is important… the patient and the medicine.

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Optimizing Your Hospitalist Patient Census

On average a hospitalist will see between 15-20 patients per shift. The level of organization that goes into managing the daily schedule and operations of those visits is critical to time-efficiency levels and bleeds into key revenue statistics in indirect ways. For example, a hospitalist running behind is more prone to forgetting or missing charges, improper billing, and mistakes.

Claimocity takes daily hospital medical scheduling to the next level for hospitalists, systematically optimizing every aspect of the census workflow and improving performance in key time-saving manners such as importing patient demographics and data in seconds with a simple barcode scan from the app, handling charge capture billing with simple easy swipes, organizing rounds with smart filters for patient management and overlap, and freeing up significant quantities of weekly time so that you can focus on the patient and the medicine.


Mediocre scheduling software is the norm. It is expensive and often hard to integrate with your current billing systems software, PM software, and other necessities. Worst of all, it is built for the standard physician and the needs of the physician who spends the majority (if not all) of his or her time in the office.

Claimocity provides a super-charged option designed exclusively for Hospitalists and Hospitalist needs. Stop settling and start taking control of your inpatient scheduling. From smart filters and PM tools that allow for optimal functionality with uniform or variable continuity of patient care and group management on a facility level to artificial intelligence enhancements that utilize pattern analysis and machine learning to offer timely suggestions and insights that help generate higher revenue and better time efficiency.

The Claimocity smart proprietary rules engine personalizes the rules and parameters to best suit your practice, with a custom array of settings and conditions that better enable seamless coverage, combinations of rotations, interval options, simplified level coding, and so much more.

Our smart software generates powerful provider scheduling solutions with a strong continuity of care and revenue cycle generation.

Evaluating Inpatient Scheduling Software

Does your inpatient scheduling software struggle to keep up? Do you ever find yourself adjusting your patterns and needs to fit what the medical appointment scheduling software is capable of providing?

For hospitalists, the answer is almost uniformly yes, and 80% of those who answered no, spend a week re-evaluating their inpatient census and hospital scheduling software with a fresh perspective before changing their answer to yes.

It’s not that it wasn’t falling short before, but they simply had gotten used to the inefficiencies and short-comings and grown blind to the problems because there were no readily available solutions.

If you are currently using scheduling software, I challenge you to schedule a short simple demo with a Claimocity specialist to test the Claimocity AI-driven smart census against your current software. Within that short 15 minute demo, you will be able to feel the difference and experience what software designed exclusively for hospitalists can do for you and your practice.

It doesn’t take weeks of fumbling. We made software that is intuitive and built to shorten the learning curve so that within one fifteen-minute session you can learn the ropes, and within a few days of use you will be doing great, and within 90 days you will be an expert.

There simply is no loss of productivity or frustrating initial phase, only benefit after benefit after benefit until everyone in the group is raving about the ease and functionality and wondering why they didn’t find Claimocity before.

What is the Best Medical Appointment Scheduling Software?

During our R&D phase, when a group of the finest hospitalist billing experts in the world was working hands-on with software geniuses behind the smart technology, we rigorously tested every software on the market to get a feel for what they did well and where they came up short. We put nearly a quarter of a million man-hours into researching every facet and aspect of the available options so that we could take what worked best and start building from there.

All of this research was meticulously recorded and processed through our statistical models and AI-enhanced databases to ensure that we were not missing anything that could benefit the hospitalist. Our deep-dive analytics explored the market from every angle looking for patterns that improve efficiency, patterns that improve revenue, patterns that improve design and layout and user-friendly features.

And at the end of the day, nearly three years later, there simply is nothing even close to what we currently offer. Our blend of world-class smart technology with the most robust billing and coding team in the industry with an around the clock support schedule with over 25 coders on staff constantly evolving and improving the software to crack new performance metrics and add new hyper-functional tools equates to the hands-down best hospitalist-centric software available.

And a big part of that is the fact that our smart census is the best medical appointment scheduling software available.