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The ONLY all-in-one hospitalist rounding app, electronic charge capture, specialized practice management, and full-service revenue cycle solution and medical billing platform designed for modern hospital physicians with encounters in acute care facilities.

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“Best in class at getting doctors the most money per visit with the least amount of time and effort.”

Gregory Feldman | Internal Medicine | Senior Practice Manager

The simple answer is more than 50% less than they currently spend.

According to Medscape 2020 data*, both internists and infectious disease specialists average between 18-19 hours per week on paperwork and admin.

For comparative analyses, we performed several qualitative and quantitative studies on the Claimocity customer base and generated an 91% response rate from physicians in hospitals and acute care facilities.

Findings: Claimocity hospitalists average under 10 hours per week, averaging between 7.1 and 8.3 hours.

*Survey results published in the 2020 Medscape Specialty Physician Compensation Reports and include the following specialties: allergy and immunology, anesthesiology, cardiology, critical care, dermatology, emergency medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general surgery, infectious disease, internal medicine, nephrology, neurology, Ob/Gyn, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, PM&R, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, and Urology.

100% of a doctor’s claims SHOULD be paid.

The reality is that the revenue cycle is an obstacle course. A internist loses out on an average of 15% of their claims to first pass denials*, and infectious disease specialist averages an 18% loss to first pass denials, with only 63% of the denied claims ending up recoverable at an average cost of $32-$118 per claim to pay for appeals – costing a practice hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Comparatively, Claimocity hospitalists see a 99.6% clean claim rate and a 2.4% claim denial rate depending on the specialty. Overall, they experience a 99.4% net collection rate with a 95.7% revenue realization rate at 45 days.

These are all industry-best numbers and are not inflated.

Our AI-enhanced software and business intelligence team are able to accurately tell every customer what they should be making per claim and then go out and collect every claim submitted at the highest value.

The only reason Claimocity is not at 100% across the board is because the collection process is stacked against the provider and there will always be a small number of unjustified claim denials.

Intelligent Inpatient Scheduling & Hospitalist Billing Software

  • A central smart hub for PM and billing functions in the mobile app
  • Patient, facility, and inpatient scheduling in a fast focused format
  • Built in easy-swipe mobile charge capture coding and billing
  • Quick access to real-time Practice IQ financials and reporting
  • Advanced individual claim tracker data from the point of care
  • Quick-toggle automated coding assistance on complex encounters

Hospital-Based Medical Billing and Scheduling Software

Rather than trying to fit clinicians who work on the go into standard medical office PM software… Claimocity designed hospital-based mobile PM and charge capture software with smart inpatient scheduling and AI-enhanced physician tools designed for real-world daily clinician needs and tasks. Traditional PM, billing, and medical appointment scheduling software is typically clunky and unappealing for clinicians who need a customized set of functions. Claimocity streamlines high-value functions with intuitive, user-tested, and user-friendly designs to enhance daily efficiency and appeal. The software is easy to learn and easy to use, providing maximum results with minimal effort.


Hospitalist App

The Claimocity smart app for hospitalists is designed around a centralized hub of hospitalist scheduling software and hospitalist billing software functions bringing charge capture, practice management, scheduling, reporting, and critical workflow productivity tools under one easy to access umbrella designed for clinicians who see patients in acute care or step down facilities or switch between office and hospital-based environments.


Hospitalist Billing Software

The Claimocity hospitalist app has built in smart hospitalist billing software with accelerated mobile charge capture, financial growth tools, and revenue efficiency functions designed to save high value time and drive relentless short and long term revenue growth while gathering the actionable business intelligence necessary for effective data-driven decision making and financial maximization on both a provider and practice level.


Hospitalist Census

Mainstream medical PM and billing software options are built for doctors who spend the majority of their time in their primary office. Claimocity hospitalist software is built exclusively for hospital-based physicians with a smart hospitalist census integrating all the core billing, scheduling, reporting, and operational management functions while streamlining practice performance, inpatient encounter management, and provider financials. 

Other PM Features, Functions, and Smart Tools

Code Assist

A premium coding service that allows a physician to outsource complex coding encounters directly to our expert team.
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Concierge Support

Our technology drives efficiency but it is our award-winning team that provides the hands on around the clock support.
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Award-winning expert services to handle a practice’s contracting and credentialing needs on a per request basis.
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AI Enhancements

The team, tools, and technology for providers and practices to thrive with AI-enhanced productivity enhancements.
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