Hospitalist Billing Services

99.98% True Reimbursement Rate

  • Get Paid What You Are Owed
  • Faster Reimbursements
  • 100% Financial Transparency
  • Real Time Claim Tracking
  • Top 1% RCM & AR Metrics
  • Supported by 4k+ Specialists



Claimocity Classic – RCM Only

Industry-best RCM services for hospital and facility-based physician practices who don’t need software solutions.

What You Get:

  • Award-Winning Billing, Coding, and RCM Services

Who It Is For:

  • Doctors who don’t need charge capture, PM, and billing software.

Claimocity Connect – RCM & Software

A fully-integrated all-in-one solution designed exclusively for hospital and facility-based practice needs.

What You Get:

  • Charge Capture Advanced Platform and Mobile App
  • Practice Management and Billing Software
  • Smart Hospital and Facility Integration Syncs
  • Built-in Integrated EHR Note Generator
  • Full-Service Billing, Coding, and RCM Services
  • Contracting and Credentialing Services
  • Compensation Management and Care Coordination

Who It Is For:

  • Doctors on the go looking for significant time savings and revenue increases in a single end-to-end smart system designed for them.

Claimocity Complete – RCM & Software

The most advanced rounding solution ever designed, Claimocity complete uses geo-location services and hospital/facility integrations to seamlessly automate the entire charge capture and RCM billing process for the doctor.

What You Get:

  • Everything in Claimocity Connect
  • Completely Automated Billing, Coding, and Charge Capture
  • A Personal Billing Team to Handle Everything Behind the Scenes
  • 20 Hours a week in Time Savings and 100% Coding Efficiency

Who It Is For:

  • Physicians who view time as their most valuable resource.

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A/R Metrics that Matter

We Measure Over 100+ In-Process Metrics for Continuous Improvement

95.2% (45 Day) Realization Rate

99.4% Standard Clean Claim Rate

99.3% Net Collection Rate

2.1% Claim Denial Rate

2.95% A/R Over 120 Days

98.3% First Pass Claim Yield

-29% Bad Debt Expenses

-57.6% Denial Write Offs

-57.6% Denial Write Offs

-18% Cost to Collect Expenses

99.98% True Reimbursement 

-21.3% AR Days on Average

*Figures listed below are aggregated averages collected across current client practices with at least 6 months of RCM data
Medical Claims Process

Better Hospitalist Medical Billing Services

  • Over a 98% first pass acceptance (average is 70-90%)
  • Real time claim tracking and adjudication
  • AI-enhanced automations and quality control measures
  • 100% revenue cycle transparency at the micro and macro levels
  • Claims go out in an average of 10.2 minutes
  • New RCM specialist and billing hires are required to have a starting accuracy of 98% and don’t go live until they achieve 99%
  • 4500+ certified coders, billers, and RCM specialists on staff
  • Automated quality control checks and feedback loops for business intelligence and revenue growth opportunity analysis
  • 100% transparency, visibility, and data availability in real time
  • Full service coding automation with an average ROI of 7.1-14.3%
  • Coding efficiency measures and checks to protect against revenue loss from under coding and audit risks from over coding or inefficiencies
  • Provider benchmarking on a state, national, and specialty level for peer to peer analysis, provider productivity evaluations, and risk assessment.
  • Eliminate AR gaps and stuck points with revenue cycle perfected.
  • Machine learning provides data analyses for physician improvements
  • AI-Enhanced robust rules engine with hundreds of in-process tracking and evaluation options fully customizable to your practice and providers
  • KPI provider and practice analytics with predictive data intelligence
  • 99.9% uptime with multi layer recovery solutions and data protections
  • Real time claim tracking with multi stage evaluations for increasing accurate data including collection value estimates and timelines
  • Real time provider and practice revenue updates as claims process for reporting as well as compensation management formulas.
  • Denial and underpayment management
  • Credentialing and contracting services with high historical ROI returns
  • Claim review and scrubbing as well as appeals at all levels
  • 100% of appeals are processed within 5 business days and 96% are processed within 1 business day.
  • Real time comprehensive provider and practice reporting across standard and custom requirements to ensure your team has 100% data visibility

AI-Enhanced Medical Claim Software

Medical Billing Software

Denial Management is Where 98% of Billing Teams Fall Short

What Do Key A/R Metrics Really Mean?

Benchmarking the revenue cycle management metrics of a clearinghouse is a very effective tool for evaluating the quality of the RCM service yet a clear understanding of the terms combined with qualifications of success criteria are essential for comparing one RCM company against another and making the best choice.

Clean Claim Rate Can Be Misleading

The term clean claim rate refers to a clearinghouse’s degree of consistent success in getting claims processed but nearly every clearinghouse worth it’s weight has a rate that exceeds 90% and the metric has been relatively outdated by increasingly complex payer rules.

The bottom line is that using clean claim rate as a reliable RCM benchmark for evaluating a revenue cycle service company is a flawed approach primarily because of its marginal impact on cash flow.

First Pass Claim Yield is a Top Metric

This represents the percentage of claims that are paid on their first submission, putting the emphasis on denial prevention by requiring a higher allocation of time and resources to the pre-claim submission process, limiting the number of incorrect claims which is turn reduces time spent working on denials while increasing cash flow.

The bottom line is that focusing on first pass yield creates more work on the front end yet driving measurably higher RCM efficiency.

KPI Evaluation: Net Collection Ratio

The net collection rate is the adjusted rate that measures the effectiveness in collecting reimbursement payouts.

The bottom line is that like first pass yield, the net collection rate is an indicator of the relative success or failure of the revenue cycle service by evaluating what percentage of everything owed is being collected.

True Reimbursement Rate

True reimbursement provides the most accurate assessment of bottom line revenue by analyzing 48 in-process KPI metrics, including all those listed above. By rating them individually then combining to create an aggregate out of the total possible, the percentage score representing the degree of maximized reimbursement that can be compared against other services or in-house billing teams. The industry average is 94.5%. Good is 97%. Great is 98.5% The top percentile are 99.5% or above.

Evaluating Your A/R Realization Rate

A high quality accounts receivable process is critical to a providers success and possibly the most critical KPI for evaluating the success of an RCM company. The magnitude of accounts definitely matters but the age of those accounts creates some of the most important RCM metrics for evaluative purposes.

The bottom line is that evaluating the percentages at more than 30, 60, 90, and 120 days gives crucial insight into where in the AR process the majority of claims are being paid and what degree of success is occurring at each stage for the more difficult .


We Believe in Revolutionary Transparency

Your A/R and collections should be fully transparent, easily available,

We provide a full continuum of integrated revenue cycle services and products that supports various sized practices and a wide range of specialties.

The Claimocity medical billing and coding team typically sees a 9-26% increase in collections per visit.

Bringing Clarity to Medical Billing and Claims Processing

When you go with our PM solution or all in one software and services package you get an end to end claim tracker with unrivaled predictive medical billing data analysis technology built in, telling you what EVERY claim is worth (and when it will be paid) as soon you submit it.

At the point of care (or moment of capture), Claimocity uses proprietary AI-driven smart software to instantaneously analyze huge volumes of payment data against contract rates and historical insurance payment patterns to provide a predictive claim value timeline that is accurate to within 0.05%.

Claimocity Medical Claims Billing Service in Action

Physiatrist and Hospitalist Billing Services for Hospital/Facility Physician Practices

We don’t just offer general RCM services for hospitalists, physiatrists, and physicians on the move, we designed everything we do for doctors on the go from specialized software to exclusive billing with a team that specialized in hospitalist revenue cycles.

  • Proven experience partnering with complex health systems including integrations with 30+ practice management and EHR systems
  • In that span we are responsible for $1.5B+ in Revenue Improvement and handle 5M+ insurance calls per year
  • Over $200M+ in Cost Reductions have been delivered and 20M+ charts coded
  • We currently have active prospering clients in 49 states across 60+ specialties and just hit the anniversary of our first 20 year client
  • We provide RCM services for over 1700 practices and process 1.5B payments per year and have over a 99% retention rate over five years

Streamlined Medical Claims Process for Faster Reimbursements

The Claimocity end-to-end revenue solutions utilize a blend of AI-enhanced smart technology and robust RCM billing teams with decades of experience to achieve higher and faster reimbursements while maximizing your revenue cycle operations with award winning results.

Our software and services reduce administrative burdens and help automate and streamline claims management, payment processing, coding, contracting, credentialing, and compliance to ensure that the clinicians, front office, practice manager, and billing team are always on the same page.

Claimocity Hospitalist Reporting Features

Key Advantages

Award-winning benchmarks, metrics, and revenue efficiency processes driven by end-to-end technological and team-driven approaches that systematically outclass any in-house billing or comparable RCM service.

Claimocity Hospitalist Reporting Features

Custom Solutions

Use the medical billing, coding, and RCM services in conjunction with your current array of software and medical services, or streamline your entire practice management process with a single all-encompassing end-to-end single solution.

Claimocity Hospitalist Reporting Features

Financial Growth

From an initial A/R audit to triage live claims caught in process stuck points to AI-enhanced comprehensive billing services designed to maximize existing revenue streams and open up financial opportunities for growth.

Best Revenue Cycle Management Software

“Our executive team approved participation in a voluntary two year time and revenue study in order to evaluate the quantitative and qualitative value compared to the numbers we were generating with the prior software in order to justify the switch. Within 24 months we had a 41.6% net revenue rate increase as well as an average of 38.8 hour savings per month per physician across our practice, which was a remarkable result.”

blankDr. Anas Kayal, Founder and CEO

Transparent Claim Cycle Insights

Start with a 5-minute pressure-free call with one of our demo specialists to see if our revenue maximization is right for you. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and help how we can.

What will you do with the extra time and money?

Claimocity Claim Cycle in Medical Billing Showcased