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10 Questions Answered:
Your Guide to Claimocity AI Charge Capture

Feeling overwhelmed by charting and double documentation? As an inpatient healthcare provider, your time is precious. Managing manual coding and data entry alongside patient care is incredibly demanding, but we’re here to help change your life.

Introducing Claimocity’s AI-Powered Charge Capture—your ultimate solution to reduce errors, reclaim your time, and accelerate reimbursements. This guide answers the 10 most frequently asked questions about Claimocity AI Charge Capture and how it can revolutionize your workload and practice:

1. What is Claimocity AI Charge Capture?

Claimocity AI Charge Capture is an intelligent billing assistant that automates tedious administrative tasks, streamlines workflows, and ensures accurate CPT and diagnosis coding for maximized revenue. By rigorously reading signed notes, it triggers automated processes to draft and finalize encounters, allowing doctors to efficiently approve their charges without any manual effort, significantly reducing time spent on billing.

2. How Does Claimocity AI Save Me Time?

Claimocity AI saves you time by automating tasks such as data mining from your current EHR system, suggesting accurate diagnosis and CPT codes based on patient notes, and pre- populating charge lists. After you sign your notes, our AI engine takes over, eliminating the need for manual charge capture tasks.

3. Can AI Replace My Coding Expertise?

Absolutely not! Claimocity AI Charge Capture acts as your intelligent assistant, suggesting accurate diagnosis and CPT codes based on its analyses, but you always have the final say in reviewing and approving charges before submission. While it aids in accuracy, your expertise remains crucial in the process.

4. Does Claimocity AI Integrate With My Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System?

Claimocity utilizes HL7 ADT connectivity for a seamless flow of data between your EHR system and our platform. We have active connections with all of the most popular EMRs in acute facility settings, including Cerner, EPIC, and Meditech. Please ask us about your specific system and how we can accommodate your facility’s EMR.

5. Is My Patient Data Secure with Claimocity AI?

Absolutely! Claimocity prioritizes patient privacy and adheres to all HIPAA regulations. We use secure cloud-based storage and encryption protocols to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI), complying with all healthcare industry regulations and data exchange guidelines.

6. How Does Claimocity AI Improve Billing Accuracy?

Claimocity AI analyzes vast amounts of medical data to identify patterns, minimizing coding errors and reducing claim denials. It provides a curated list of encounters with suggested billing codes, which you can easily review and approve to ensure they accurately reflect the services provided based on your clinical notes.

7. Can Claimocity AI Help Me Recover Lost Revenue?

Claimocity’s AI can help you recover lost revenue by analyzing patient encounters to identify missed charges and ensuring accurate coding, so you capture all the billable services your practice deserves.

8. Is Claimocity AI Charge Capture Easy to Use?

Absolutely! Claimocity AI is designed with a user-friendly interface accessible on mobile devices or computers. No extensive training is required, and our team is always available for support.

9. How Much Does Claimocity AI Cost?

Claimocity AI Charge Capture will be available as a new software package bundle starting July 15th, 2024. The AI Charge Capture bundle is priced at $499 per user per month, coupled with expert revenue cycle management services starting at a competitive 2.49% fee.

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10. How Can I Learn More About Claimocity AI?

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