Revolutionary Progress Note Generator Software

The First and Only Combined Charge Capture and Progress Note Generator Workflow


Save a minimum of 7-12 Minutes Per Patient

Fulfill clinical documentation and billing requirements in the same streamlined mobile process.

The first and only solution that enables physicians to create, sign, and submit notes outside of PointClickCare and save them directly into the Facility EHR note section directly from the app.

Eliminate the need for a practice-side EHR for hospitalist encounter documentation purposes.

Integrate into PointClickCare, Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Athenahealth, and other EHRs with direct syncs, PDF uploads, proprietary indirect imports, and HIPAA secure texting or e-faxing solutions that can share clinical notes with nurse’s stations, document stations, other provider, or care coordination stakeholders.


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What Makes the Claimocity Note Generator Different?

  • A revolutionary solution that quickly and easily solves a big problem for doctors – streamlining two separate necessary requirements with a single customizable process.
  • Use templates, cloning, and a personalized rules engine to streamline the simplified process even further and eliminate redundant data entry.
  • Submit follow up notes with minor adjustments in under a minute.
  • Submit initial visit notes with complex requirements in three to five.
  • Use speech to text abilities to talk through a note on the go.
  • Smart syncs pull orders, medications, existing data, and demographics from the EHR or census into the new note
  • View, read, adapt, and clone other provider notes for coordinated care coverage and consultations – enabling better tracking of progress.
  • Customize templates to cover any range of requirements and select the most applicable for any given situation to cover any contextual needs.

Problem-solving Two Key Processes for Doctors

Clone previous notes in a way that other solutions, including EHR/EMRs, are not allowed to do. Combine and streamline two separate daily encounter documentation and billing processes in a way that saves significant time.

Our note capture section can prepopulate the note with vitals and import elements from the chart.

Support multiple complex templates inside a practice (calibrated encounter notes, procedure specific notes, single-section text based notes, or any combination of context-based pre-builds). Copy and paste any large available data groupings from third party available information sources directly into any text section and then sign and submit. Or use single-section blank notes for voice to text accounts of the encounter.

Format notes with any custom header and footer. Add or remove fields, set up conditional sections, and use the AI-empowered rules engine to handle any array of practice, provider, or facility needs including any core thresholds set up as necessary to submit the note.

Send notes to the progress note section or to the miscellaneous section based on facility preference and any pre-existing facility EHR workflows.

On a provider or practice level, the note generator has a flexible documentation setup that allows the addition or subtraction of fields to align with the EHR or facility layout structure and needs. There are a series of prebuilt options and custom field options to ensure that everything you may need can be integrated into the note before it is pushed to the facility or into the EHR.

Upon submission the electronic note is e-signed by the doctor and dated, then converted into a pdf and submitted to the patient file as a progress note. It can also be e-faxed from the app to the nurses station or document station as the facility process requires.