EHR Note Generator

Creating and Cloning Notes for EHR/EMR and Facility Needs


Simple Time-Saving Solution That Fills a Need

Save 7-12 Minutes Per Patient Per Note

Some doctors pay $200/month for software that provides notes to facilities. Claimocity offers a better solution for free, without needing an EMR for this purpose. Normally the process takes 10-15 minutes. Our PDF generator is 10 steps that takes 2-3 minutes the first time through and then under 30 seconds to make any updates to cloned notes on follow up visits. 

Key Differentiators

  • Quickly and easily solves a big problem for doctors – streamlines a necessary requirement
  • Only takes 30 seconds to submit a SALT (same as last time) note with any minor adjustments necessary.
  • Has the same speech to text abilities as your phone, enabling dictation.
  • Auto updates orders, medications, existing progress notes, and demographics from the chart or census into the note
  • Doctors can see coordinated care notes for patients they share coverage on – enabling better tracking of progress.
  • Can clone another doctors notes to prevent having to generate a new one from scratch if it your first time covering a patient

Solving a Problem for Doctors

As a software platform, we are able to clone previous notes in a way that EHR/EMRs are not allowed. This enables us to solve a problem, fulfill a need, and streamline a daily per patient process in a way that saves significant time. Our note capture section can prepopulate the note with vitals and import elements from the chart into the note.

Once a note is generated it can be cloned as a time saving step, creating a new note that is SALT (same as last time) that can then be altered or adjusted or submitted as is. Cloning keeps all the important data in the new note as a starting point. To make it even easier, the note generator has a built in speech to text integrated capacity that enables a doctor to talk through the note.

On a provider or practice level, the note generator has a flexible documentation setup that allows the addition or subtraction of fields to align with the EHR or facility layout structure and needs. There are a series of prebuilt options and custom field options to ensure that everything you may need can be integrated into the note before it is pushed to the facility or into the EHR.

Upon submission the electronic note is e-signed by the doctor and dated, then converted into a pdf and submitted to the patient file as a progress note. It can also be e-faxed from the app to the nurses station or document station as the facility process requires.

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