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Bill visits, document encounters, and submit progress notes using fast easy proprietary workflows in a third of the time right from the app.

We challenge you to find a pain point, problem, or source of frustration we haven’t solved.

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AI-Enhanced Workflows Mean More Work Done For You – Not By You

More Bed Side, Less Desk Side – Smart Solutions that Make a Practical Difference


Stand-Alone Mobile App

  • Charge Capture Platform
  • Smart Central Census
  • Progress Note Generator (Optional)
  • Show All
  • Voice to Text Workflows
  • ICD-10 Smart Search
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Real Time Claim Tracker
  • Telehealth Billing
  • Custom Rules Engine
  • Practice IQ Reporting
  • HIPAA Secure Messaging
  • Compensation Management (Optional)
  • Care Coordination (Optional)
  • Bonus: Free First 30 Days


Complete Software Package

  • Everything in the Mobile App +
  • Modern Front Office Platform
  • Billing & Scheduling Software
  • Show All
  • Patient Messaging System
  • Practice Kiosk and Patient Portal
  • Claim Processing
  • Patient Engagement
  • Clearinghouse and Collections
  • Ledger and Payment Processing
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • KPI Performance Reports
  • EHR Software (Optional)
  • Compensation Management (Optional)
  • Care Coordination (Optional)
  • Bonus: Free First 30 Days


All in One Software + Services

  • Complete Software Package +
  • End-to-End RCM Services
  • Full-Service Coding (Optional)
  • Show All
  • 100+ In-Process metrics
  • Revenue Intelligence Feedback Loops
  • Contracting & Credentialing (Optional)
  • Compensation Management (Optional)
  • Care Coordination (Optional)
  • Bonus: Free Practice Management

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Reducing revenue loss for our doctors is crucial, as is increasing time efficiency,” states Jim Jensen, COO of Claimocity. “Our A.I. based solutions boost efficiency by 50+ hours a month when they utilize the new note generator documentation workflow.

15 Minutes Will Save You 15 Hours a Week

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“Complete daily billing in under 3 minutes? Wow.”
Dr. Uzma Zafar M.D. | Inpatient Psychiatry

“Our practice uses both app and RCM services. Revenue growth has been fantastic and the software is excellent.”
Dr. Jeff Hodgson M.D. | Pain Management Hospitalist

“The PointClickCare integration is a massive timesaver.”
Dr. Farzin Farhangnejad M.D. | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


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How Does It Work?

How Does Claimocity Save Doctors Time?

The short answer is by shifting time expenditures. The more time a doctor has to spend on paperwork, billing, charting, organizing, data entry, and other administrative tasks – the less there is for quality of care and growth.

How Does Claimocity Increase Revenue?

By optimizing every stream that directly or indirectly flows into total revenue including those that generate a time-value opportunity cost that could be used for increasing the bottom line.

Physician Rounding Tools and Medical Practice Management Software Advantages


Industry Awards

50+ RCM and Software Awards


RCM Perfected

4k+ Certified Billers and Specialists


A Better Census

Patient and Facility Management.


Practice IQ

Practice and Provider Reports & KPIs


Integrated Notes

Revolutionary Note Generator


Data Intelligence

Revenue Cycle Growth Analysis


Concierge Support

24/7 Premium Concierge Support



Governance and Compliance


SOC 2 Type 2

Powerful Security and Privacy


6 Sigma Black

Continuous Improvement Models

Physician Rounding Software for Modern Doctors

The Claimocity mobile rounding platform is much more than an app or simple physician rounding software option. It is an intelligent platform that is comparable to a three dimensional model vs the traditional flat charge captures offered elsewhere that are the equivalent of a single dimension. The intelligence factor enables comprehensive revenue analyses and opportunity advancements when built into a doctor rounding software platform, as the entire cycle can be analyzed from the point of care to the final reimbursement, identifying gaps, opportunities, problem areas, and growth potential.

Hospitalist Billing Company and Full-Service PM

From Claimocity medical practice metrics to our hospital revenue cycle benchmark optimization and Hospitalist billing services, we believe in creating clear, concise smart software tools that help hospital physicians even the playing field with insurance companies.

Doctor Rounding Tool: A Smart Mobile App for Modern Billing Needs

Claimocity is not just a doctor rounding tool, but a contractor with a crew who supports your vision and plans and creates the infrastructure necessary for growth and completion. Our physician rounding tools range from capturing charges to comprehensive analytics and reporting, progress notes, two way syncs with hospital and facility interfaces.

Hospitalist Billing Services and Claims

Claimocity is so much more than a Hospitalist billing company or a medical billing and coding app.

Other hospitalist billing companies perform various levels of accounts receivable type services and provide some level of functionality when it comes to practice management features and functions.

But even the ones specifically designed for hospitalist physicians fall far short of what we offer in terms of our full-service end to end RCM and practice management package.

Not only do we do a better job of managing the hospitalist revenue cycle with artificially enhanced smart software, a proprietary rules engine built on machine learning that draws from the most robust big data processing in the hospital PM and RCM industry…

We combine our revolutionary medical technology with a 24/7 full staff of award-winning hospital medicine billing experts with decades of operational experience and the well-honed ability to provide insightful and comprehensive support solutions from the point of care on.

This unprecedented combination of advanced healthcare technology and specialized human support provides a level of proactive issue identification and resolution, comprehensive billing and collections solutions, optimal revenue streams, physician practice financial and management insights, and hyper-focused daily efficiency that simply cannot be matched by anything else out there.

Frankly, it is not even close.

Many of our competitors use comprehensive ECC and hospital interfaces but fail to inform you of the constant errors that come from using the hospital interface syncing method that requires constant adjustments and unnecessary levels of complication that leave you open to huge volumes of human errors at multiple stages and steps.

This is because each hospital uses an interface that even when they look similar, ALWAYS use a different fundamental code source and back-end system that creates an array of integration issues. We systematically tested integrations across over 6 dozen hospitals and compared them to face-sheet integrations, scanning, faxing, and manual input methodologies.

Hospital interface integration actually generated three times as many errors as Face-sheet integration and the overall lowest efficiency ratings of any method because the QA/QC billing inefficiencies due to the hospital back-end software glitches created ripple effect issues across the revenue cycle and were often the most difficult to identify and resolve even using artificially intelligent software parameters and hyper-focused data processing models.

Faxing and scanning was better than manual input but not by much and had significant impacts on the daily administrative workload put on Hospitalists.

Face-sheets provided the second-best alternative as they allowed for a level of demographic and patient info auto-population that significantly reduced the physician workload with regards to the daily administrative time burdens of billing, but this system required hospitalists to remember to scan face sheets and created bottlenecks in the optimization and revenue maximization process if the face-sheets were scanned illegibly, improperly filled out, or missing.

By far the most efficient option with the lowest amount of time cost and lowest number of errors was bar-code scanning which allowed a quick scan to generate every facet of vital demographics and necessary patient information for billing and scheduling purposes. The availability of the patient bar-code on both the wristband (before discharge) and the chart (pre- or post-discharge) enabled a level of accuracy and resolution ease that is simply not available in any other way.

Here at Claimocity, we combine a simple patient barcode scan with an accelerated hospital charge capture system and optimized point-of-care hospitalist coding guidelines to minimize the administrative workload put on the hospital physician so that they can focus on what is important… the medicine and the patient.

We are not only hospitalist-centric but efficiency-minded and hyper-focused on productivity and providing the tools and information necessary for comprehensive data-driven decision-making. We want to help you earn as much as possible while saving as much time as possible and giving you everything you need to measure how you (and your group) are doing against your peers both within the state and across the nation.

Patient Rounding App

Rounding is one of the central components of day-to-day clinical and financial operations for busy doctors working in hospital-based settings and facilities such as skilled nursing or inpatient rehabilitation centers.

The smoother the workflow and managed workload, the better the quality of care that a physician can provide.

Claimocity is the only hospitalist app built exclusively for hospital or facility-based physicians with all the tools, features, and concierge-level support they need to reduce the administrative time costs of their daily workflow while maximizing the revenue output of their work.

Receivable Metrics for Hospitalist Practice Management Groups

The proof is in the numbers and here at Claimocity we let the data do the talking which is why we process more data than any other medical PM or RCM billing company in the industry to ensure that you get the highest receivable metrics for your practice.

Not only do you benefit as an individual practitioner but your group receives unparalleled support and functionality to drive relentless month over month and year over year financial growth – all while saving large quantities of measurable time that can be used to focus on the patient, the quality of the medicine, or other worthwhile endeavors.