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Best Hospitalist Practice Management Features

The practice management software you choose to process patient claims and handle patient administrative records will be an integral part of your operations.

  • 66% of over 228 Hospitalists polled in a 2019 study express medium to high levels of dissatisfaction with their current PM software.
  • 88% report systematic inefficiencies including a periodic lack of proper support and insufficient access to the right tools and performance insights.

We switched our practice management software to Claimocity simply because you can’t know where to focus your efforts if you aren’t sure what is or isn’t working.


  • Support: Ensure support is available when you are likely to need it and is truly helpful, especially during the initial data transition and learning phases.

  • Billing: Ensure the revenue cycle management portions of the software are not only aligned with the functions you use, but serve the purposes you need such as capturing charges at the point of care, inputting patient demographics, and processing claims.

  • Intuitive: The best options are designed with the end user in mind and are not a headache to operate on a daily basis. Everything from shortening learning curves to maximizing operational value is impacted by the intuitive nature of the software.

  • Functionality: Ensure that the features and functions offered align with your top and mid level needs to ensure that you are getting the tools you need to do the job.

  • Analytics: Reporting is often overlooked as a basic element included across the board but the level of physician performance insights, KPI tools, financial evaluations, comparative analyses, benchmarks, goal tracking, and segmented analytics reporting will make a big difference.

  • Aesthetics: Though you may think this is something less important than the rest, studies show that aesthetically pleasing designs enhance the user experience and correlate with increases in daily efficiency and functionality.

  • Benchmarks: The real test of the tools offered is how well they work, and in RCM and PM software evaluations, this translates to direct impacts on bottom line revenue. Make sure your billing is above average (at the very least) in key revenue cycle metrics or risk losing money.

  • Due Diligence: This means weighing the pros and cons, evaluating the costs vs benefits of the top options, scheduling at least one demo, and getting advice from members of your practice.


Here at Claimocity, these are also the core functions, features, and focal points we built out and measured while we were putting together the total software package. Not only are we the first and only software designed exclusively for Hospitalists, but we meet or exceed the other options on the market in every category.

From a barcode scanner for auto-importing patient demographics to a high-function UI/UX user design to industry leading revenue cycle benchmarks thanks to a world class billing team and our type 2 artificial-intelligence enhanced smart software and big data analysis that allows us to feature the first of its kind smart census, a revolutionary point of care claim tracker with on the spot payment estimations and dates, and our proprietary level coding optimizer to reduce under- or over-coding.

Plus, Claimocity features a Practice IQ reporting section for analytic evaluations, 24/7 concierge-level billing and software support, HIPAA secure messaging, and a dozen more core tools all wrapped up in a beautiful intuitive mobile app that easily transforms into an online portal for seamless cross-platform use on tablets, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

From smart filters through our proprietary rules engine to error analysis and claim resolutions through enhanced historical pattern analysis and algorithmic statistical modeling, we have designed every tool a Hospitalist needs to maximize revenue and then turbocharged their efficiency levels to unrivaled levels in order to save high-value daily time and effort.

Claimocity is where innovation meets excellence, empowering you to elevate
patient care 
and streamline practice management effortlessly.

Prioritize Yourself by
Choosing Claimocity

Ease your provider experience with us.

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Best Hospitalist Practice Management Features

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