Using Claimocity and PointClickCare in SNFs

PointClickCare (PCC) and Claimocity have partnered to enhance patient satisfaction and streamline operations in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). This collaboration optimizes care coordination and administrative processes, ensuring efficient workflows and improved experiences for healthcare providers and patients. 

Claimocity’s bidirectional integration with PointClickCare streamlines quick and easy patient census management on the go while addressing all the critical documentation requirements for admitted patients.  The ease of data flow between the two systems coupled with the simplicity of charting and billing in Claimocity fosters both positive provider and patient feedback.

Getting Connected has Never Been Easier 

Unparalleled Care Experiences

Together, Claimocity and PointClickCare provide comprehensive actionable insights necessary for delivering personalized and high-quality care to patients. The availability of crucial information at the point of care not only streamlines workflows but also enhances beneficial interactions, resulting in tangible improvements in patient experiences.

Ease of Implementation

Connecting Claimocity with a PointClickCare facility couldn’t be easier and most providers are up and running in just a few days!  

Elevate Care Management

Transform patient care and enhance business performance with the #1 Ranked Long-Term Care Software.

PointClickCare serves as a cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution that remotely monitors patient, medication, and nutritional management, while providing relevant point of care insights for care-based workflows. As a premier EHR provider for skilled nursing, home care, and senior living facilities, PointClickCare facilitates sustainable growth and aids in navigating the evolving realities of healthcare.

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