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The advantages of coding with smart Claimocity software.

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AI-Driven Coding
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  • Eliminate revenue loss to under coding 
  • Minimize audit risks to over coding 
  • Select your preferred level of coding automation 
  • 24/7 access to concierge-level billing and coding support 
  • Benefit from end-to-end hospitalist billing services 
  • Award-winning charge capture platform

Ease Coding Burdens

Hospitalist coding involves two main elements: level and diagnosis.

For physicians who prefer to handle their own coding, we offer QA/QC checks. However, this can be time-consuming and repetitive, increasing audit risks.

Here’s How Claimocity Helps

  1. Quick Code Integration: AI-driven coding suggestions based on historical data and encounter context.
  2. Code Assist: Comprehensive coding support for physicians.

Our solutions streamline billing, boost revenue, and reduce audit risks. Backed by over 25 case studies, our full-service coding solution consistently delivers time savings and revenue increases. Practices achieve an
8-11% ROI, freeing up time for improved care or more patient encounters.

Our A.I. based solutions boost efficiency by 10-15 hours per week and reduces billing down to 3-9 seconds per patient. Reducing revenue loss for our doctors is crucial, as is increasing time efficiency.


Under Coding Overview

Certain encounters pose coding challenges, prompting cautious physicians to undercode. However, this approach escalates audit risks and leads to revenue loss for encounters requiring higher coding.

Over Coding Overview

Misinterpretation of encounter complexity can lead to over coding, further escalating audit risks.

Audit Overview

Audits drive the need for precise coding. Even minor deviations trigger legal scrutiny with significant time and energy costs. Many physicians repay funds due to coding errors, emphasizing the importance of accuracy.


Under Coding

The billing system is riddled with gray areas, bureaucratic hurdles, and claim complexities, leading to revenue loss through undercoding. Optimal coding ensures rightful revenue collection and integrity in medical billing practices.

Over Coding

Conversely, overcoding, whether intentional or inadvertent, poses audit risks and financial liabilities. Optimal coding maximizes revenue while mitigating future audit risks stemming from overcoding patterns.

Balanced Coding

Claimocity’s software utilizes big data and AI to determine optimal coding levels, minimizing revenue loss from undercoding and avoiding long-term risks associated with overcoding. Ensure integrity in coding practices to maximize revenue without unnecessary audit exposure.

Hospitalist Coding with Integrity​

Medical billing and coding, crucial for revenue generation, often involve gray areas leading to confusion and incorrect code choices. Claimocity integrates smart software coding optimization, leveraging big data and AI to ensure physician coding integrity.

Improving Hospitalist Billing, Coding, and Reimbursement

Claimocity identifies and rectifies coding errors, optimizing reimbursement outcomes. It also establishes coding patterns for sustained revenue growth and audit protection.

Maximizing the Coding and Billing for Hospitalist Services

Accurate hospitalist coding requires adeptness in billing processes and proper code utilization to reflect the level of care. Claimocity ensures efficient coding options to maximize payoff and minimize audit risks.

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Software & Billing solutions made for busy doctors on the go. One complete solution to transform your practice experience.

Software & billing solutions made for busy doctors on the go. One complete solutions made to transform your practice experience.

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