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AI Medical Billing

Our cutting-edge AI employs custom machine learning models to process complex data sets rapidly. Claimocity ensures quicker error resolution, coding assistance, claim scrubbing and continuous performance improvement for swifter payments.

Data Analytics

Utilizing vast, complex data sets, our software uncovers valuable insights, enhances precision, and streamlines operations through informed claim submission and payment prediction.

Proprietary Rules Engine Software

Our proprietary rules engine streamlines medical billing processes, enhances accuracy, reduces manual effort, and mitigates compliance risks, ultimately improving revenue cycle efficiency and financial performance for healthcare organizations.   

Leverage Technology to Advance Your Practice

Smart Medical Technology

  • Accelerated claim processing and syncing
  • Enhanced quality control and denial prevention
  • Improved data analysis for decision making
  • Streamlined processes and quicker submission timelines
  • Workflow automation and bulk tasks

AI in Medical Billing: Why It Matters

Claimocity utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline daily workflows, boost revenue, and save time on administrative tasks. With AI in medical billing, you can focus more on patient care and medicine rather than paperwork.

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A rules engine simplifies decision-making business logic  on predefined rules and conditions. It allows organizations to define, manage and execute business rules in a consistent and scalable manner without the need for custom programming.

A rules engine applied to medical billing workflows allows best practices and complex decision-making to be applied throughout each level of the process. Rules include payer-specific edits, code edits, clean claim edits and predictive payment models.

An RCM rules engine automates financial and administrative processes in revenue cycle management, allowing users to define business rules and logic for tasks such as patient scheduling and claim submission. It evaluates these rules against patient data to generate outcomes or actions, streamlining the revenue cycle workflow.

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