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Better Billing & Coding with Medical AI

Claimocity uses type 2 artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as limited memory A.I., in order to enhance the abilities of our software to automate the daily workflow processes and drive better revenue metrics while saving measurable quantities of time otherwise spent on admin tasks. This frees you up to spend more time on your patients and the medicine instead of struggling with paperwork.

Personalized Measurable Benefits

Claimocity Medical coding Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Rules Engine in Action

When combined with our custom-built proprietary rules engine, the Claimocity type 2 A.I. puts super-computing abilities in your pocket including prediction, analysis, historical evaluation, and statistical modeling that evolves with your practice to improve performance.

This allows Claimocity to align with your specific needs, increasing efficiency and adjusting to provide faster and more effective help in everything from catching common mistakes to suggesting workflow solutions that improve revenue maximization or workload reduction.

Smart Tech Advantage

We measured the difference between our software without A.I. enhancements, where the isolated variable is human efficiency growth over time against the advantages provided by our software at full capacity.

From the onset the software improves performance scores, compared as relative value units (encompassing a combination of time cost, revenue generation, and mistakes made). Over time the gap grows as the human efficiency factor begins to stagnate.

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AI in Medical Billing

Claimocity utilizes artificial intelligence in medical billing and medical coding to enhance the measurable benchmarks and performance metrics in order to generate higher levels of revenue and automate the billing and coding processes in order to reduce the administrative time costs.

Smart software offers unique and unparalleled advantages in that AI can process information and make data-driven decisions with a higher level of accuracy and profitability than the human mind.

The Claimocity AI was custom built to automate the daily workflow processes and handle the bulk of the busy work that is integral to high-value medical billing, coding, scheduling, practice management, and revenue cycle management. By significantly reducing the administrative burden, the AI frees the hospital physician up to focus on more high-quality processes such as focusing on the patients, the quality of the medicine, increasing the number of daily visits, or taking more time off to spend with family.

Medical Coding Artificial Intelligence

Claimocity is especially valuable when it comes to medical coding. Coding is at best an arduous process full of gray areas, mysteries, difficulties, and inefficiencies. To expect a busy doctor to be able to handle everything on his or her plate and still manage to be a coding expert is not realistic nor a productive use of time.

The Claimocity coding AI enhancements are able to process huge volumes of historical and contextual data to determine the appropriate level of coding efficiency for every given situation, enabling the doctor to maximize the revenue that would otherwise be lost to under coding, reduce the audit risks that come from over coding, and ensure medical integrity by consistently maintaining optimal coding efficiency levels on a state, national, and specialty-specific level.

Machine Learning Medical Billing

Not only does the AI automate processes to save time, increase coding and billing efficiency, and maximize collectible claim revenue, but the best part is that the Claimocity billing and coding AI was developed on the basis of powerful machine learning so it significantly improves over time. That means you get amazing short term results that steadily improve over time until the efficiency levels are maximized, driving relentless financial growth while minimizing the amount of time you have to spend handling daily admin tasks.