Making the Complex Easy to Understand

We use highly-advanced modern computational opportunities to process and transform huge sets of complex interconnected data down to a set of simple mobile tools that are easy to understand and even easier to use.

AI: Type II

Our super helpful artificial intelligence is of the Type 2 capacity, comprised of custom designed machine learning and pattern analysis models around pre-programmed high-volume data sets.
The Claimocity A.I. not only generates ultra-quick data processing capacities and highly efficient smart functionalities into point of care proactive analysis and automated full-cycle error resolution but will steadily improve your results in every capacity over time.

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Rules Engine

Our proprietary rules engine is not only the driving force behind our intelligent software, but top an absolute powerhouse of its own right, enabling smart filters and PM enhancements.
From error identification and resolution functions that enable our billing team to catch and resolve issues as they are made, to smart filters for your practice that allow easy scheduling, patient management, and a variety of smart census and management features, our rules engine exceeds expectations.

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Big Data

Big data is the use of huge, highly complex data sets to garner unrivaled insights to complex matters and effectively problem-solve issues for value, veracity, efficiency, and precision.
Continuously gathering and processing a wide variety of high volume, low-density, unstructured data, our software is able to tap into the intrinsic value of both complex analysis and the data-driven decisionmaking power that comes from informed pattern recognition and predictive behavior.

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Our 3 Keys to Success


Every facet of our smart technology and data analytics is driven to increase the daily efficiency of our end user… you. Our physician-centric software is built within a user-friendly framework and automated so that all the hard lifting happens in the background while you just swipe, click and go about your day quickly and efficiently.


Helping doctors and practice managers do the wrong things faster is counterproductive so we spent nearly a quarter of a million man hours on R&D and evaluations to ensure that the filters, features, and smart productivity enhancements we created are not just efficient but the “right tools” to drive workflow optimization and better bottom line financial results.


All our hard work in designing and building Claimocity has been to not only save you time but generate effective revenue efficiency tools that help achieve higher levels of success in practice management, daily operations, and financial growth. We help doctors work faster and more effectively in every daily capacity.

Technology in Action

Smart technology is only as good as the people who build, maintain, and utilize it.

Powerful Infrastructure
Powerful Infrastructure
Our team of programmers, engineers, product developers, and specialists really are second to none in their ability to not only bring the technology to life but optimize the flow and output to really super-charge the ability of the physician to get the most out of it on a daily basis.
Unrivaled Support
Unrivaled Support
We rotate multiple teams of experts which is how we are able to offer 24/7 around the clock support and concierge service. Our billing experts, software troubleshooters, designers, and coders are constantly working on improvements and ways to achieve even higher benchmarks.
Optimized Medicine
Optimized Medicine
All of our data processing, statistical analyses, predictive modeling, error resolution, proactive learning, and pre-programmed structures are designed with one goal, to help you perform medicine at an optimal level without being bogged down or hindered in your process.

Smart Devices that are Changing Healthcare in 2020

Artificial intelligence is the new norm and for industries like medical technology, smart machines are going to revolutionize the ability of medical practitioners to engage in life-changing procedures with immense precision, accuracy, and uncharted ability.

Several analysts predict that by 2021 the revenue generated by artificial intelligence and smart machines with reach nearly 30 billion dollars. In addition, more than one-third of large companies will be using some form of cognitive computing, deep learning, big data analysis, or automated intelligence to assist in their business endeavors.

Smart Medical Technology in Practice Management Software

Significant advances are being made in artificial intelligence enhanced surgeries, wearable asthma attack monitoring systems, AI-empowered insulin pumps with algorithm controlled monitoring and dosing, smart technology drills that are able to make instantaneous corrections and adjustments based on changing densities, unexpected changes, issues, and resistances, there are other extremely valuable progressions being made in SAAS services such as Claimocity, which are able to utilize artificial data enhancements, machine learning, big data analysis, and deep-dive analytics to drive more efficient decision making, reduce the time burden of otherwise intensely time-consuming tasks, generate stronger revenue returns, and ensure a consistent level of efficiency that mitigates audit risks while maximizing returns.

Pattern Analysis Software in Hospital Healthcare

AI, machine learning, and pattern analysis are typically reserved for high capital medical businesses with huge capital allotments for advanced technology, smart machines, and big data processing. Here at Claimocity we don’t believe that all the advantages should be reserved for the big players and insurance companies. We have harnessed the power of AI enhancements to create a series of smart tools designed specifically to help hospitalists even the playing field by reducing the administrative burdens, optimizing their workflow speed, and generating higher revenue metrics.