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Our 99.8% lifetime customer retention rate says a lot about our dedication to our customers. Once physicians and practice decision-makers test out our software in a demo, they realize that we are everything we claim to be and more. Once they are aboard they truly begin to understand how above and beyond we go for doctors and the level of care we give to every facet of their organization.

Claimocity Physician Performance Metrics Review

Heard from another doctor about Claimocity and on the basis of that referral, I set up a walkthrough of the app. It was impressive enough that I switched over. Thought changing software would be a headache but their support staff handled it with ease. Really well done.

S. Garcha, M.D., 9-7-19
Claimocity Physician Performance Metrics Review

The app is great, like having an experienced billing scribe walk with me on rounds and handle all the backend work for my visits so that I don’t have to. After about a week I was coding in seconds and the new barcode scanner is genius. Before we had to take pictures of hospital face sheets, which was ok but sometimes I would forget. Now just a quick scan from the app and done. All the patient demographics are in.

Claimocity ReviewsDr. Luke Feldman, 2-22-19
Claimocity Benchmark Hospitalist Reviews Rating

I’ll upgrade my rating when I have finished my first full year of evaluation as I prefer a methodical long-term approach. That being said, Claimocity is well on it’s way to five stars and after seven months I am thoroughly impressed.

Mary Trenton, M.D., 9-7-19
Claimocity Physician Performance Metrics Review

I hate billing almost as much as EMR. It’s just such a clunky process and time suck. But I love getting paid so I always keep an eye out for ways to upgrade my bottom line or save time. Before Claimocity, I was using IngeniousMed for my group. Switched within a few days after the demo. Night and day difference in feel and usefulness but where they really got me was getting me more money and making billing faster and easier.

Dr. Marc Williamson, 4-5-19
Claimocity Physician Performance Metrics Review

The software has exceeded my expectations. I used to take Fridays off from the hospital just to catch up on charting and billing at home. Now I take them off to spend more time with my family and still make more than before. Can’t get over how useful it is knowing what a claim is worth immediately and seeing when it will be paid.

Claimocity ReviewsAnna L. Silver, M.D., 10-16-19
Claimocity Physician Performance Metrics Review

We were one of the first hospitalist groups to sign up during the beta phase back at the end of 2017 and honestly we have no intention of ever leaving. Every few months they roll out something new, either an improvement on something already great or a new feature that I can’t believe no one else offers. There’s nothing better out there and this team is top-notch, leaving no stone unturned for ways to improve the daily life of doctors on the go. 

Claimocity ReviewsEvan Smith, M.D., 9-7-19
Claimocity Physician Performance Metrics Review

Very nice software. Lots of good features. My doctors like it more than the last software and we now have a better way to evaluate our numbers against our peers across the state and country, which drives us to improve.

Claimocity ReviewsJason Kim, M.D., 4-5-19
Claimocity Benchmark Hospitalist Reviews Rating

Saw one of their banners at a networking event and was really impressed by the list of functions. The only drawback is that I’m very traditional and I am having a harder time transitioning to a phone app than most. I’m used to paper and scribbling notes. But in today’s world you have to think long term. Higher paychecks means a better retirement egg and the thought of more free time for the grandkids is really making the process a lot easier.

Claimocity ReviewsJeffrey Cohen, M.D., 9-7-19
Claimocity Physician Performance Metrics Review

This software was brought to my attention by one of the doctors in my group. I have no time for sales calls or emails and didn’t bother to sit through a demo for months. Wish I had listened sooner as every Dr in the group raves about it now and monthly revenue has spiked.

Claimocity ReviewsDr. David Martinez, 9-7-19

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Our reviews showcase the utility and value of the software, as well as true care we put into our support and customer service. But we always happen to score the best marks in the industry in nearly every high-value revenue cycle and time efficiency category from net claim rate to per patient billing time cost.

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In addition to our internal tests and evaluations, we utilize case studies, evaluative reviews, customer feedback, before and after bottom line comparisons, and a variety of variable-isolating comparative statistical models to not only ensure we are providing a top tier product but to continuously find areas to test, refine, and fundamentally improve.

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