As-Needed Premium Coding Services

Our data driven statistical modeling has identified key coding situations as the primary drivers for reduced coding efficiency.

Complex encounters and encounters coded while a provider is at their busiest have the highest probability of leading to either under coding or over coding.

Both reduce coding efficiency but under coding leads to lost revenue potential and over coding leads to serious legal and financial audit risks.

By providing physicians with an as-needed medical coding automation service, Claimocity not only systematically improves coding efficiency (with the associated revenue gain and audit risk reduction) but also enables providers to save time on busy days.


How Code Assist Works

Just toggle the code assist feature on.

Then select any options that apply such as:

  • DX is listed on Facesheet
  • Use DX from last known visit
  • Bill as listed on roundsheet

If applicable, take a picture of the facesheet or any notes.

Our coding team will handle the rest.

Higher coding efficiency. More time and revenue. Less audit risk.

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