Claim Value Data for Providers & Practices

Claimocity provides unprecedented levels of transparency for providers and practice managers, lifting the veil between the doctor and the billing process.

Get an initial estimate of claim value as soon as a charge is captured.

Along with the monetary value, the smart software historical data processing enables the app to generate an estimated timeline of when the payment will be processing based on statistical averages and historical models to within 1% accuracy.

As the billing demographics updates within a day or two of charge capture, the initial estimate moves from phase 1 to phase 2, increasing the relevant accuracy of the claim value and timeline within the scope of patient responsibility, insurance company past payment values, and other relevant factors.


Claim Processing Timeline

The claim tracker is fast, user-friendly, and helps doctors quickly and easily learn over time what encounters are worth and when they will be paid for them.

This removes the confusion and obfuscation inherent in the insurance bureaucracy that keeps providers and practices from maximizing their earned revenue.

When the final payment is posted, doctors and managers are able to compare the payment against the contracted rates and start establishing relevant rating data about specific insurance providers, encounter context, and billing patterns that will assist in the decision-making process for both providers and managers.

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Other PM Functions, Features, & Smart Tools

End-to-End Billing

Claimocity PM (both mobile and desktop versions) are able to combine with full service revenue cycle management.
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Practice Compensation

Allows owners/managers to track practice financials, generate and approve provider invoices, and pay physicians.
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Let our back end team handle all of the practice’s contracting and credentialing needs on a per request basis.
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Barcode Scanner

Save time inputting or updating patient demographics, billing, and other info by simply scanning the wristband or chart.
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