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What is the Pricing for Claimocity Software?

The answer varies depending on the size of your practice and certain RCM thresholds. Everything we do here at Claimocity is very transparent and clear upfront. There are never any hidden fees or tricky pricing schemes. Schedule a demo or talk directly to one of our support specialists to get a clear quote for your particular practice, group, or individual software license.

What is the Claimocity Claim Payment Tracker?

This is our proprietary claim insight advantage that utilizes the largest databases of historical claim data ever collected to make multi-stage evaluations of claim payment values, real-time tracking updates, insights on claim ratings, and an easy-to-follow progression through a multi-stage process from the point of care to the claim completion. Our claim insights are revolutionary and provide unprecedented access to typical insurance behavior such as the likelihood of a specific claim with a specific insurance in a specific area being paid out, how that compares to the contracted rate, how much the claim completion value is actually worth in real-world payout average values, and what, if anything can be done to fix, resolve, or improve both the claim and the payout on that claim.

What is a Smart Census?

Our custom-built smart census takes the standard census and supercharges it with a smart technology foundation, user-friendly features, and a workflow-optimized hyper-functional layout that has been thoroughly tested and vetted to ensure that it not only provides higher value but a more efficient daily return in terms of reduced time and energy waste. It is built to allow for key patient and claim insights at a glance, allows quick swipe and quick change movement patterns that enable you to fulfill the billing needs of patients in seconds, and is organized to allow you to focus solely on the areas of need, keeping the background information well sorted and organized for reference upon demand without cluttering up your workspace with unnecessary elements. There simply is no substitute for a demo because our software was UX-designed for hands-on functionality that becomes incredibly apparent as you get a feel for the ease and flow.

What is a proprietary medical software rules engine?

A medical software rules engine is a production-based rule system that moves from an imperative to a computational model to generate enhanced productivity and efficiency. Our proprietary rules engine is the backbone of our practice management and billing system, and the machine learning and pattern analysis components enable increasingly higher efficiency ratings in our robust revenue cycle management service. To put it simply, it is a piece of amazing Al-driven software that helps manage a medical practice’s RCM and workflow reduction by optimizing and adjusting claim rules and smart filters based on historical data, business intelligence, and proactive pattern identification with regards to submitted claims, enabling the system to automatically produce cleaner and more accurate claim patterns that reduce time and energy inefficiencies and increase billing revenue capitalization within a given workload of patient visits and overall claims.

What does a Demo Entail?

Our demo is a pressure-free experience. We do not believe in trying to manufacture sales, and spend all of our time developing the best products and support possible so that the products will sell themselves. Therefore, a Claimocity demo is simply a full-service run-through of the software with a specialist who can provide pricing, answer technical questions, showcase the features, and help you get all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether Claimocity is the right software for you and your group. It’s quick, painless, and once hospitalists see how much we care and how much we can do for them, they understand why we don’t apply any pressure and let them experience the difference for themselves.

What Can Practice IQ Do For Me?

Practice IQ is our smart performance reporting functionality that provides individual or group level performance reports with detailed options and real-time updates to establish and meet KPls and other benchmarks that drive financials and help achieve your established goals. Per its name, practice IQ gives you the intelligence quotient of your practice or workload across an adaptable timeline, enabling you to measure and rank a flexible set of key performance indicators that you set up or want to evaluate at certain intervals. These reports are critical for ongoing refinement, evaluation, and data-driven decision-making on an individual or practice level.

Is Claimocity Only for Mobile Phones?

No. Claimocity is designed exclusively for Hospitalists so we put nearly a quarter of a million hours of R&D and design into giving hospitalists, who are typically on the go, every advantage. Our app is hyper-focused on high-value mobile efficiency with keys on reducing time waste, increasing daily efficiency, reducing administrative burdens, and improving billing results, all while offering a core suite of high-value additional features such as HIPAA secure messaging, KPI reporting, level coding optimization and more. But our App is just the mobile version of our online portal, which is perfect for tablets (such as iPads and IPad Pros) and desktop (laptops, PCs, and iMacs). The functionality is all there on every platform from the one you carry in your pocket to your laptop or desk computer. This way no matter where you are or what you are working on, you have every advantage at your fingertips and can accomplish all of your necessary workload items in a simple, easy, and efficient manner.

How Does Machine Learning Help?

Machine learning is an application of Al, which is commonly known as artificial intelligence, that simply refers to custom-built internal systems that have a specific set of flexible parameters set in place to allow for the ability adjust and improve performance over time as more data becomes available and higher efficiency models allow for greater accuracy and speed. This machine learning is the central piece in our pattern analysis models that help identify issues, problems, and mistakes at the point of care, as well as analyzing and resolving claims throughout the billing process for more consistent payouts at higher revenue levels across every stage.

How Can Your Support Be Available 24/7?

Here at Claimocity, we believe that it is not just great software but the human touch and expertise that creates a positive experience. That is why we pair our smart technology with the most robust team of global medical billing experts in the industry. They have decades of experience and more importantly, for the purposes of this question, they take staggered shifts to ensure that both our billing and our support staff are fully functional and operational 24 hours a day. This enables us to not only provide concierge-level support and customer service but ensure that your claims get submitted immediately, errors are identified and resolved immediately, and the full weight of our support is constantly working on your behalf to get everything done in a hyper-efficient and timely manner.

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