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Not All EHR Software Integrations are Equal

Integrating systems is critical for the integrity of your information and the efficiency of the processes that depend on the data sync.

Examples include saving a file, accessing patient info in real time, getting alerts on new admissions as they are entered into the system, submitting charges, checking your census, viewing a report with updated information, and a thousand other keystones in your workflows that you don’t even notice until they are slow, bogged down, or fail.

But while the term “integration” is used frequently, there is a distinct scale to integrations that varies in quality from basic to a advanced.

On the basic end, there is a rudimentary hook and an established connection able to pull a very limited array of items.

If the flow is bi-directional then two hooks pull back and forth to give you a semblance of integration. It’s slow, clunky, and limited.

The systems can be complex even if the integrations are not. But without deeper integrations the systems remain separate and independent – often speaking different languages and operating in distinct ways.

In some instances, simple may be all you need. But in charge capture, a lot of information goes missing or gets lost in translation when the systems aren’t working together in an advanced sync.

On the higher end of integrations, the systems are deeply entwined, establish common language and transfer methodologies so that not only information flow is possible but quality measures, adjustments, flexibility, and greater control. Information that doesn’t meet the initial standards is not just blocked and abandoned but evaluated and processed in separate catchalls separated by the characteristics of the data that funnels through AI checks to human team members for evaluation.

Practical Value of Deep Integrations

Think of it this way.

As a rule of thumb, electronic charge capture generates 4-6% better results than paper charge capture because you are eliminating a lot of manual entry, paper gathering and organizing, and other issues where things commonly go wrong.

In a similar manner, electronic charge capture with a deeper integration generates 4-6% better results than those with basic integrations because you are eliminating a lot of data gaps, system incompatibilities, process errors, and poorly designed quality control measures that fall on the doctor using the charge capture.

Other benefits include a reduction in redundant data entry (duplicate entries), no index card, no need for a separate secondary integration into your PM.

Claimocity Integrations

No other vendor out there has a charge capture as deeply integrated into PMs and EHRs as Claimocity. Our PCC sync is the only of its kind. And we just rolled out a similar MatrixCare deep sync. Epic, Cerner, Meditech, Athenahealth all have industry leading connections.

Our network covers every EHR on the market today and our deep integrations into EHRs that aren’t even sync capable is unheralded. It’s a minor tech miracle our CTO developed over five years.

We have the means of pulling and pushing census and patient data into hospitals and facilities that don’t even have the technological infrastructure to allow other vendors to connect basic integrations.

Our R&D investment into integrations is 10x that of other vendors and we have entire teams that number in the hundreds whose sole job is to connect, sync, and quality control with every system and facility our customers work in. In many cases they provide tech support for the customer facilities as well as the customer.


Top 6 EMR/EHR Premium Integrations


Other EHR/EMR and System Integrations

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are simply existing system we have connected to. They do not represent a comprehensive list of the possible integrations. Simply, let us know which systems you need integrations with and our engineers will take care of the rest.

  • Access
  • Acumen Systems
  • AdvancedMD
  • Allscripts
  • Allscripts Pro
  • Alora Plus
  • Amazing Charts
  • Brightree
  • Care360
  • ChartLogic
  • Clinical Module
  • ClinicSource
  • Codify
  • CollaborateMD
  • Crescendo
  • Cyfluent – CyMED
  • DeVero
  • DrChronos
  • Dr. Cloud
  • eClinical Works
  • eMDs
  • ED Pace
  • Elation
  • Emd’s
  • eRad
  • Falcon
  • GHR
  • HCHB
  • Healthfusion
  • Healthywyse
  • Helper
  • IDX
  • Igea
  • Imagine
  • IMS – Meditab
  • Jefferson
  • Kareo
  • Kareo EHR
  • Kinnser
  • LIS
  • MacPractice DC
  • Maestro
  • McKesson
  • Medicfusion
  • Modernizing Medicine
  • Netsmart
  • NextGen EHR
  • Nexus Clinical
  • Office Ally
  • Open Practice Solutions
  • Practice Expert
  • Practice Fusion
  • PracticeSuite
  • PracticeMax
  • Quest
  • RxMD
  • Rxnt
  • SequelMed
  • Sevocity
  • Synergy
  • Sunshine
  • TotalMD
  • WebPT
  • Wellsky